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  1. Infamousdave

    Wave Accounting

    Anyone using Wave Accounting app on Google? I recently installed the app and have been looking at it. I'm moving more and more to cloud based apps instead of programs and Wave appears to do most everything that quickbooks does but without a monthly fee. Anyone have any experience with this app?
  2. Infamousdave

    Direct Mail Works!

  3. Infamousdave

    Removing Spray Paint

    I just received this picture from one of my clients. She just moved to a new house and says this is spray paint. Anyone have any ideas to remove as much as possible even though I do not have HWE. I only have OP. Do you think it can be done?
  4. Infamousdave

    5 Arounds

    Who does 5 arounds? If so, what are you using? Door hanger? flyer? Post card? Do you include an offer? Anyone have any opinions on door hangers vs. postcards? I can either run around after each job and hang door hangers or I can use google maps and mail the same sort of thing to 20 neighbors...
  5. Infamousdave

    List Building

    Do any of you use your website to gather email addresses and names to email market to? If so, do you use an incentive to get them to sign up besides the old, "sign up for my newsletters"? Some ideas I've had for sign-up incentives: Sign up for Monthly give-away Sign up for a free report...
  6. Infamousdave

    Portable for Upholstery only

    If you were going to buy a portable just for upholstery, what would you buy?
  7. Infamousdave

    Padcapping chems for residential

    If any of you are doing padcapping for residental carpet, what chems are you using? I used to use Vacaway exclusively. I've used IR, IG, Perox and EG all with great success but I never could tell a difference in performance between any of them. I have recently switched to Bonnet Pro's chems...
  8. Infamousdave

    Adding window cleaning to my business

    We are seriously considering adding window cleaning to our services list next year but I do not want to do windows myself. I have a terrible fear of heights and am busy with many other things. I am probably going to go about this in one of two ways: 1. Get in touch with a local window washing...
  9. Infamousdave

    New pads for OP

    Hi, I need some new pads to use with my old blue CCS machine. I have been using up my Turbo pads I had for the last 2 years but now they are worn out and I need new ones. I bought a couple of the new Glad Pads to try out and I really like them but was thinking of trying out microfiber...
  10. Infamousdave

    Expanding VLM services

    I have been carpet cleaning part-time for close to 2 years and things are starting to get really busy for me this year. I use only an old blue CCS machine for carpet cleaning but I need to start investing in more equipment to expand my services. I cleaned the carpet in a salon a few days ago...
  11. Infamousdave

    Green Cleaning Products

    Is anyone using green products for commercial or residential cleaning services? If so, what products are you using, and how well do you like them?
  12. Infamousdave

    How should I market this company?

    My wife has been in the residential cleaning business for over 6 years. We are planning to expand her already successful business this spring by adding commercial cleaning and low moisture carpet cleaning. She has never named her business, just has been doing business under her full name since...
  13. Infamousdave


    Anyone here using the Host CC method as a stand alone business model? My wife has owned a house cleaning business for over 6 years and I am thinking of joining her in her business and adding services such as janitorial and carpet cleaning. I am thinking that a DRY CC method would set our...