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  1. SuckItUp

    Google Local Services is terri... Good.

    This is more of a pay per call rant, but it seems to me as if Google has gone down hill lately. The best results I've ever had with Google is doing my own SEO. Second to that is Google Local Service. That being said, their "Google Local Service" service is designed to charge you for any and...
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    Remax Keeps Bugging the FLIP out of me

    They want to feature my company in their magazine that goes out to all of their homes. These types of companies are a dime a dozen and never usually work. That being said - Their a large company. Anyone have any experience with them?
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    Can someone help me explain this anomaly?

    I'm not sure I've ever seen plastic covering over a rug do this much damage. Anyone know why this would or could happen? The plastic 'protector' was sitting on the carpet and rug for 2 years. It looks wet, but nope! Dry as a bone. Thoughts?
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    How to tell how old urine stains are?

    I've run into an issue with a realtor that uses me services often. She wants to know if the urine stains that I found are over 12 months old. (Within the time the Tennant's lived there) The stains came out pretty easily. Suggesting that no one attempted to clean them either because of...
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    Selling 2004 Chevy Express with 15 HP Panther Truckmount (Houston, TX) 3.5k

    The van has 162k miles and 4k hours on Truckmount - Both work and are operating efficiently, however, the only reason I'm selling so low is because it's GOTTA GO! It's taking up too much space around my already cramped house! Recently purchased another brand new set up as well...
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    I just bought this from you guys. CAN YA FIX?

    I am insanely Furious about my recent purchase of the $800 Turbo Force hybrid spinner I bought from you guys. Oh and behold, I pull it from the box, load it up, and away I go. I connect it to clean tile for a client. They come running out of their home screaming that water is going everywhere...
  7. SuckItUp

    Buying a New Tile & Grout Spinner - What's Works for you?

    Thinking about buying the Turbo Force Hybrid 12 on the TMF site but would like opinions on what works best for you? Currently using a Mytee spinner (Worse buy ever) and wanting to upgrade to something that actually cleans. Thanks!
  8. SuckItUp

    In search of: Wand and/or Tile & Grout Spinner

    My backup MyTee tile & grout spinner is going out on me (Big surprise) and looking to replace it. I could buy a new swivel, but I imagine I'd have the same outcome after a few uses. Also looking for a carpet wand with 3-4 jets for those houses with no power. If you're selling one or the other...
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    Dumping Water/waste in Texas

    Anyone familiar with laws and regulations of dumping waste in Texas? Or know of a source where I can find specifics on what's considered 'illegal' in the Harris County area (Houston)? Any references would be appreciated! [emoji112][emoji16]
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    Buying a quad jet wand?

    The last wand I bought has been working pretty well the last few years, but needs replacing. Found a "new" quad jet wand with 2" vac hose and 14" width online for about $170. Seems like a good deal.. but anything I should consider before buying? (Something I may have over looked) Also...
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    Cleaning a house where a woman was stabbed..

    I get the call, hear the details, blood on carpet, stairs, etc. She tells me she's the sister of the victim. (Who's expected to make a full recovery) and in La Porte, TX. She said I probably heard about it on the news, which I did. It was on ABC news and all that and it was about a block from...
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    roots 33 u-rai relief valve? Is this it...?

    I hear that adjusting relief valves can improve your blowers performance. Not sure where mine is. Tried reading a PDF manual on the blower, but I don't understand most of it, tbh. Is this bolt in the picture? If it's not a relief valve, what does it do? It's located on the back of the...
  13. SuckItUp

    A few of my before and afters the last few days:

    Tons of urine, rust and everything in between. I know they're not perfect, but, dang. The clients were happy, though! (I'll probably crop all of my B&A's like the last one later) FB: @m2ctexas How's your work looking out there?
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    Engine swap from 15 to 18?

    I'm using a 15 HP Kohler Command Pro. What kind of issues would i expect to run into if I swapped to an 18 HP (or higher) Kohler Command Pro? Thanks!
  15. SuckItUp

    Texas Steam Clean vs Texas Carpet Care - a better ring to it:

    In short, would just like professional opinions on a name change. Which sounds 'better' as far as having a nicer ring to it? First? Second? Are both garbage and neither really stand out? Professional opinions, and/or pros & cons are very much welcome. (Even the tiniest bit of over sight...
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    How well has Facebook worked for your area?

    I don't mean paying them for ads, no. I recently learned (and was it a revelation) that my company was not appearing in the search engine of Facebook. Any form of carpet cleaning in my area. Nada. I thought this was strange, so I am cosulting a buddy of mine who knows a ton about this stuff to...
  17. SuckItUp

    TM bogs down after installing new pressure regulator.

    I can hear my 15 HP Kohler Command Pro bog down (RPM lowering) when I pull the trigger on my wand while cleaning carpet. Never had this experience even when she was in the best shape of her life. I just feel like my motor isn't hitting the max RPM it's suppose to in general. Suction doesn't...
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    Lord all mighty... Does ANYONE know where to find this part?

    First of all, greetings to all of you! Although I've been an active lurker, I have not posted in quite some time. A very specific part on my pressure regulator in my 15HP Kohler Command Pro Panther truckmount has a crack in it, and needless to say, is spraying like mad. The picture is the part...
  19. SuckItUp

    Kohler Command pro 15 - Got rained on, and started popping?

    Does anyone know what the repercussions of this? I feel like water may have gotten down to the spark plug, but I'm no mechanic. What can I do? Thanks in advanced.
  20. SuckItUp

    So I stumbled upon this...

    And I got to say, it's magical... Apparently this detergent is quite old, but it cleans very well! Wish I could buy more.. But since they don't make it anymore, no can do.
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    How would you guys clean it?

    So I was polishing this 'turd' today, and believe me, it was worst than this picture lets on. I thought to myself, "how would the other guys clean this?" I have a very basic process (pre-vacuum, pre-spray, tons of agitation, and of course, HWE.) and I can't complain. Most jobs do come out very...
  22. SuckItUp

    My coupling sleeve keeps shredding, why!?

    My coupling, for the second time has shredded. I had it replaced once about two months ago. This morning, during a job, it completely just stopped working. I'm not sure if I'm just creasing my blowers the wrong way, or if there's a more serious issue at hand. Has anyone else experienced this?
  23. SuckItUp

    Carpet cleaning contract for apartments question:::

    On the contract, for example, do I have to put the owner of the apartments to make it legal, or can I put the apartments name? "This agreement for Cleaning Services between Sylvan Beach Apartments & Green Oaks Apartments (hereafter referred to as “Client”) and blah blah blah (hereafter...
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    Anyone use Yelp? Is paying $350 a month worth it?

    Just wondering how Yelp is for everyone else. They spit a good advertising campaign, but can their words back up their results? Pros and cons of using them? Should I just stay the F away? I'm already using the 'free' portion of their website. :rolleyes: Any thoughts would be greatly...
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    Do cleaners like their box truck vans?

    Looking for info from owners of Isuzu box trucks with the gas or diesel engine. How much MPG do you get average and do you recommend getting one?