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  1. dgardner

    Question for Temperature Junkies...

    I started to ask this in the "best temperature" thread, then decided not to hijack his thread. All you guys who run temps hotter than the sun, how do you get around the solution line burning lines into presprayed carpet? I have had lines that were hard to get out if I wasn't vigilant about...
  2. dgardner

    Do You Own a Little Giant Heater?

    I'm not sure I've seen all this in one place, so I am posting it for all to use. I have combined three documents from LG into one file, it contains the Operating Guide, Setup Instructions, and Troubleshooting Guide. Hope this is of benefit to someone!
  3. dgardner

    Looking For A 36 Blower?

    For all you homebrewers out there, here is an ebay listing (not mine) for a used Sutorbilt 3L blower, equivalent to a Roots 36. Pretty cheap, maybe worth the gamble of buying used! You're...
  4. dgardner

    Does anyone else get antivirus hits here?

    Lately (past couple weeks) my antivirus triggers when I visit TMF. Does anyone else have this issue? I use NOD antivirus, and the message looks like this:
  5. dgardner

    Dryer Outlets Revealed!

    Since there have been a great many posts lately about available power in dryer outlets, with much confusion evident, I thought I would take this opportunity to do a short (OK, long) post to set the matter straight. I will cover some technical stuff, some safety stuff, and some legal stuff. This...
  6. dgardner

    Forget CFM vs Lift - Now We Have CDFM!

    Every now and again the question of which is better comes up. By now I'm sure we all realize that the question is largely irrelevant. You can't have one without the other during actual extraction, and you need both in sufficient quantity to clean. Both parameters are inseparably related, and you...
  7. dgardner

    Finally - A Nozzle chart for Carpet Cleaners!

    Well, nozzle charts have received some attention lately. In answering some of the questions, I have to get data from one of the available charts. The problem is all the charts I know of are not well suited for carpet cleaners. For instance, one chart I have jumps from 250 PSI to 500 PSI, and I...
  8. dgardner

    Am I the first member from AZ... Again?

    You guys gotta quit losing the posts - gets tiring typing them in again... ;) I had to re-register too. Backup early, backup often!
  9. dgardner

    Oh Two video

    I have never tried the O2 system myself, but have been reading a lot of discussion about it. I came across this video they recently made where Les talks about it. He does an interesting demo. Have a look: Judson Video
  10. dgardner

    Question for John LaBarbera

    John, I was looking at a used porty a guy has for sale. It looks like it uses the same rotomolds as the old model 1003, but different colors (waste tank is dark gray, fresh tank is natural translucent). The sticker on it says "The Seahawk". It's a two-cord machine. Is/was this made by Mytee...
  11. dgardner

    Hey from Phoenix

    Greetings to the forum, My name is Dan, and I am the owner of Horizon Services. Been in business about a year, my wife and I do carpets and upholstery part time in addition to a regular corporate America-type job. We mostly do move-outs and one (so far) place of worship. I do this because I...