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  1. TConway

    It is really a sad

    So today I pulled in to get a cold soda as I went to my start on my job today. As I pulled into the circle K, I noticed several guys just walking around not doing much no biggie so I get out and go into the store and the people that I was surrounded by were all dirty...not work dirty just dirty...
  2. TConway

    Kohler Coils

    Well it never fails, about every two years I lose a coil in my Kohler 20hp. Today I did my first job and I noticed a little sputter but finished just fine. Got to my next job and got the urine treatment down and noticed about half the vacuum so I went out and sure enough I have a dead spark plug...
  3. TConway

    Wow this is a awesome tool

    So I have been wanting to buy this when I first saw it on TV. So My wife and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some Bars Keeper as she is having issues with our glass shower doors and the film she can't get rid of......and there it was 10 stack high my PRESSURE COOKER XL So I have been...
  4. TConway

    Zip zipper zpinner

    Why to go big E. it looks like it is coming together very very well. I have been waiting to see it, and Erik got it done
  5. TConway

    Heat Ex AIR PUMP ??

    Can someone tell me what the little air pump does for the HX system on the PC TM's? I am wanting to remove and mount a alternator there so I can run a big inverter to power things when no power is around. Is the air pump a must have to make it work right??
  6. TConway

    Crazy Low

    I have bee riding lately and enjoy watching videos and came across this one the other day just thought I would share, Guys just having a fun day at the track. Go to about 1:00 minute on video
  7. TConway

    Check out this car crusher

    If you skip towards the end they load it up with engine blocks and transmissions. Crazy the power this thing has.
  8. TConway

    What a week.

    So we went down to help assemble all the wands, with swivels, we got all that done, found out we are sold out again, we thought we had made enough to get through the show and then some, well we did but we are now waiting to get more done. So we got the last of the orders filled from show...
  9. TConway

    Joe B This is for YOU

    Joe I know you will be able to see this video I also know you can not reply to it, but this is for you and your customers, You see Joe I am letting you have your very own market the market for $ 99.00-150.00 dollars. I could easily enter it, easily but I don't, I don't because you need it...
  10. TConway

    Legend SE and Legend GT

    What were the differences in these two machines, I was looking on the web and you do not come across but a few videos with the GT?? Was it a upgrade or a Flop? Was the heat production better? From what I can find it looks as though they went to a different style HX system? Did this system...
  11. TConway

    It is really Cool

    This is kinda cool, I was scouting Craig's list looking through vans just something I do and I came across this carpet van. I was looking at the pictures and it totally hit me...HEY THAT IS MY DEVASTATOR FILTER!! One of my earlier models but it is just awesome to see it somewhere just outta the...
  12. TConway

    This is so Awesome

    I really look forward to this, to be able to take your idea and turn out a model to go by is just awesome, They are new but as they get more advanced I am sure it will make things mush easier to get to final products.
  13. TConway

    Truck Mount Heat Booster

    Ok guys, I am working on a TM heat booster, a few weeks ago it was brought up and I went to the shop and Tim and I worked/ talked about it and came up with this. What it will do is hook to you exhaust port after your heat exchanger, In my van it will sit right on the step as you open the side...
  14. TConway

    DevPro swivel

    Well I have been using for two weeks now I think.......I can't keep track of time to save my life. In using it I want to make a adjustment before I let the guys test it with me. It doesn't leak vac at all, and so far no sign of wear I have been using without a glide to put even more force on it...
  15. TConway

    My worst and best Poly Carpet

    This was the worst poly blend I have come across as of yet. This is one of my accounts that we landed at the first of the year, they were redoing management and the carpets fell out of our planned maintenance program as they got everything reset up.... Sorry I broke my phone and was back on the...
  16. TConway

    Links caution

    Tonight I was reading posts and one of the words was highlighted in blue I clicked it and it downloaded all kinds of ads like tons of them I have to go back to my last update and reboot my computer so be careful. It was posted as a video of a glide INSTALL video when I clicked on it bam crap...
  17. TConway

    What I did before Carpet Cleaning

    Before I got into carpet cleaning this is what I used to do in the Napa Valley, I am sure Paul Brown has seen some of this type of work. We would spend hours upon hours on walls doing this amazing finish. Back in the day I worked for a company and at the time there were only TWO companies in the...
  18. TConway

    This one is for you Damon

    I went and helped Damon on a job the other day and had a blast !!! But he was laughing at my awesome pre scrubber and so I thought I would post this for him
  19. TConway

    This is what you get for your Phone Book AD !!

    So when my son and I went to our storage unit there were Two Units they just cut open due to none payment.. And look what was inside stacked to the roof. That is all Phone books that never got delivered.
  20. TConway

    New Stainless high pressure supply line for wands and upholstery tools

    I just came across this high pressure Teflon ss braided solution line that can go on wands I am thinking of ordering them and carrying them would anyone be interested in them? If so I well look into getting them. It would look really cool as a upgrade or as a replacement if you have a busted...
  21. TConway

    My Pc ti Replica wand

    Hey Guys, I wanted to post some info on a wand that really caught my attention. On a cc forum there was a picture of a wand that was at the show. It looked very similar to the PC Ti and I posted my interest here on TMF about it. I was contacted by the company that is making this wand and he...
  22. TConway

    Moisture meter

    I have been working lately on some things and on another board a moisture meter was brought up and I thought it would be a pretty cool tool to help me out with what I am planning and to collect a little data for myself. Anyway what was a real eye opener is how the prespray reading came out. To...
  23. TConway

    My Wand Cfm Tester

    So I have always wanted to know what affect a wand has to air flow but I never could come up with a way to get a very accurate way to mount a cfm meter to the wand slot. So today I went to home depot and came up with this idea My test today was with my PC Legend....... Later I will be doing...
  24. TConway

    Old golfers nightmare

    To all you Golf Dads out there you know what I'm talking about. They get to OLD to pull one over on them and they call you on your penalty shots. They are getting to the point where there ball it the LAST to reach off the tee box
  25. TConway

    Best Poly carpet prespray?

    So I was walking through the carpet section at Home Depot and started looking at the labels on the back of there carpet samples, and a lot of them are poly. I have had okay success with cleaning it when I do come across it and it seems it is happening more and more, I think people are getting...