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    Getting into Encap, need help

    I encap residential because it works there....too. Not every job maybe....but most of the ones I do. The others need replacing.
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    Cimex, Orbots etc...

    These are the tools I make my daily living with. Frankly, I am embarrassed that $450-500 investment can do such a huge ROI.
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    Am I doing something wrong here?

    I will put my results against any TM results any day. I HAD a boxxer 421 and HAVE a used $300 buffer and get just-as-good or better results D-A-I-L-Y. But God I hope few believe me.
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    I got new (used) scrubber. Now what?

    I have a soft carpet brush that I use on really nasty stuff. Even though it is soft, it still digs into the carpet and will tip bloom very fast. Like....the first turn. :) However, in my case, NONE of the work I do matters because they are trying to save the carpet. So tip blooming is not an...
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    Am I doing something wrong here?

    I am always happy w/my results now that I am using peroxcellent.
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    Used CRB or OP machine

    Jason is. He is in Florida.
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    Will Red pads give the same results as Fiber Plus pads?

    I read somewhere that some red pads will deliver red ink to the carpet. Keep this in mind.
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    floor machine

    Dude, I clean carpets every day. I clean the nastiest carpets ever seen....and I do so with a buffer, NOT an OP machine. You can ask this question a thousand times.... Go buy a used buffer and start there. Then, if you actually get busy enough, you can buy 50 OP machines. Nothing cleans...
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    I'm confused!

    Frankly, I get better results now than I did when I had a fire breathing TM and I do NOT use 'OP'. I use a buffer. Complete effectiveness may be in the interpretation. I do not buy into the hype anymore. TM/OP/VLM pick one, master it, get busy, collect check.
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    I'm confused!

    I'd still low moisture. We kid our selves into thinking a deep rinse means cleaner. Dirty water coming from a waste tanks does not tell me the carpet is cleaner. I get the same and often better results using VLM as I did with a TM. Get a buffer, some good juice and get busy. Let these guys...
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    I'm confused!

    I know what it means. I had an OP machine. Now I do VLM with a buffer.
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    difference between.....

    Know of: Vento or HOS machine. Only one I ever used and it pulled massively to the right...always. THAT wore me out. I read about others and those owners will have to provide their experiences...which will differ greatly from my own. If you want my take on chemical choices, let me know on...
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    Can you encap wool?

    BUT be sure to really wet the fiber or it blooms out really bad.
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    Any one using an Orbot?

    Yes, the vento. I am having a hard time getting my head around the difference in cleaning between the two machines. I am open to suggestions... but I am really pleased with my buffer. Having said that, I have changed my focus to target CDG more than residential. I am demoing at hotels and such...
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    difference between.....

    If a buffer is wearing anyone out, he is fighting the machine. I just ran a 175 inside a gift shop with a ton of stands, shelving and rack all covered with fragile glass and trinkets. Inches to spare on each side. OP machines do not clean deeper than a buffer when the buffer is operated...
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    Any one using an Orbot?

    I got a used buffer, 175 for about 300 bucks and can clean as good. so, no. And the customer service sucks with them.
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    I'm confused!

    I think that might be too fast for what I do.
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    difference between.....

    about 2 thousand dollars.
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    I'm confused!

    If this thread is still alive, and if you want one more opinion, read on: I went from OP to a truck mount and, in short, back to 'OP' which really means low moisture. I do not use an OP machine but a floor buffer. IMO the buffer offers several important advantages and only one down side...
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    Why do you want an OP machine over a 175 buffer? Buffers clean just as good, are cheaper, easier to repair, and can be found somewhere in your hometown. There is a little more learning curve but anyone with opposing thumbs can learn to drive one within an hour.
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    Releasit Encap needs 22 pass's to clean

    I am not. I was simply pointing out how I took Rob's thread.
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    Releasit Encap needs 22 pass's to clean

    Rob, it seems to me you are not the kind of guy who would attack a brand. I read your post and, honestly, I too, thought you were attacking Releasit. I know how the written word can be inferred wrongly. I have been accused of such myself (often). I have no dog in the fight other than my...
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    Releasit Encap needs 22 pass's to clean

    Regardless of how one infers the results of this 'test'....experience (MINE) shows Releasit DS/Punch work perfectly with far less than 22 passes. Just sayin
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    Hydrox is by Realesit. I have used and like this product. IMO none of the 02 juices hold strength long at all so use rapidly and re-order often.