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  1. Bob Savage


    Had a new customer yesterday, so I asked her how she found us. She said Siri. Seriously? I always ask this question of a new customer so I can track how they find a service. How about you? Times are always a changin', so it should behoove us to track this stuff!
  2. Bob Savage

    Cleaning carpet with dual wands at over 300' from van

    Here's my 30+ year old truckmount, running a #45 Roots blower and a 240,000 BTU automatic LP heater, running dual wands at 300+ feet from the van! Who says it can't be done?
  3. Bob Savage

    I need a break from pushing a wand back and forth all day long

    The repetitive motion of wanding back and forth is starting to take it's toll on me and my shoulder. What other device would give me a break from that in a residential atmosphere? I have an older RX-20, but lugging around 85 lbs. is not on my list of things to do. I primarily use truck mount...
  4. Bob Savage

    Annoying truckmount breakdowns

    There have been a lot of annoying truckmount glitches posted lately, glitches that are difficult to diagnose, especially when the problem is intermittent. Some of these problems are brand new machines that are completely under warranty. I have to believe it is in the design of the machine as...
  5. Bob Savage

    Cleaning with ETM at 200+ feet from the van

    Here is the setup using our ETM, running 200' from the van, 2 -15 amp circuits, and plenty of vac power. So who says you can't do everything with your ETM that you could do using a BIG gasoline truckmount?
  6. Bob Savage

    Batteries for ETM

    It looks as if it might not be too long before we are able to build that monster vacuum setup evey carpet cleaner is looking for and use batteries to power it! You could use a #45 blower and power it with a 7.5 HP 220VAC electric motor, and have a 2000 PSI high flow pump. Quiet running...
  7. Bob Savage

    Got Chairs...

    Had a job this past week cleaning several hundred chairs with our ETM. We ran 2 separate upholstery tools to make this task go a little quicker. It went about twice as fast as it would have gone if we were using a single upholstery tool. We were able to run from the van, using a total of...
  8. Bob Savage

    Cleaning with an ETM

    Good Afternoon, I wanted to share our cleaning job from the other day because it shows what can be accomplished with an ETM. We cleaned our church running dual wands with our ETM, and it kicked butt! This is for all of the naysayers who say electric machines are for wimps. We ran 2 sets of...
  9. Bob Savage

    TMF forum changes...

    . I like the new Header design of the Forum, and the subsequent posts below it. Good job TMF!
  10. Bob Savage


    Hi, I'm Bob Savage, a carpet cleaner and manufacturer from Ohio. I look forward to seeing a professional Board develop here.
  11. Bob Savage

    Carpet Cleaning Truckmount Video at the top of the Page

    In the video at the top of the page, where the technician was cleaning that nasty carpet with a truckmount , was that a demo of the complete wand technique used by that cleaner for cleaning that particular carpet? Was the carpet pre-treated?