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  1. vladimir

    Need help upholstery

    Sofa doesn't have a tag at all Anybody know what material it is And what can I use thanks Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  2. vladimir

    Here you go just don't break a leg

    Make your cleaning just a tab easier lol enjoy
  3. vladimir

    What's going on with the App @ Administrator

    Every time I go to new topics it tells me no new topics Also when I go to alerts also No topics I am on the mobile site I phone 5 Help me I need TMF
  4. vladimir

    Ha they all have their purpose

    Yes they work great for carpets/upholstery @Joe cool check it out
  5. vladimir

    Cleaning a wall with carpet

    I know I have a customer that has carpet running up the wall by the stair ways not on the steps anyone ever clean something like this
  6. vladimir

    Just receive a text from a previous customer

    She lost her invoice ,so I will send her a copy but she wants me to write a letter to the rental company stating that the carpet did not need replacing it just needed a cleaning owner charged her $2400 to replace the carpet how do I handle this before and after pics the carpet came out great in...
  7. vladimir

    Some fools are going to far lol

  8. vladimir

    Anybody hungry lol

  9. vladimir

    Stretching /cleaning

    What's better to do 1st Cleaning the carpet or stretching the carpet and your reasons why Thanks
  10. vladimir

    Work smarter not harder

    So yes I work Sunday's lol for I am part time and get work all the time on Sunday's more money for me and less for the big guys but to day I went portable I only carry 250 hose but I got this little dolly helps out with carrying things got it at smart and final a year ago comes in handy instead...
  11. vladimir

    Got my mini wrap yesterday

    Got my van back early morning and I have booked 4 jobs already It has paid for itself already I am so happy money well spent This was my 2nd job today like always carpets were completely dry by the time we left
  12. vladimir

    Getting my feet wet in tile and grout

    Question I don't have a sx-12 yet but I got this will it get me by Oreck green brush to scrub @ Aloha Dave brushes Tile wand Air mover for a quick dry Tmf tile and grout 1 more thing @ Todd what is a good psi for that wand thanks
  13. vladimir

    Pressure washer twister

    How good would this work for tile and grout
  14. vladimir

    Bleaching carpets

    What's your take on this matter Before anything I declined this job But is this something that can be done today I went out and did an estimate it was horrible this guy was trying to rent out his place did not want to pay for urine treatment red spots treatment so since I am new still lol Is...
  15. vladimir

    Found another deal Rotovac 360

    its not the 360i but comes with carpet brush guy is asking $1000 any local guys surrounding the Los Angeles area send me a pm and I will let you know were to get a hold of seller good luck
  16. vladimir


    Dude I have a whopper of a deal send me your email so I can sent you the link and if you don't jump on this deal I will put it up here but you can have dibs it's a must see
  17. vladimir

    Ok I found the winner/champion button

  18. vladimir

    Big shout out to Aloha Dave

    Thank you so much I was just expecting the upholstery brush but you hooked me up with the whole package When ever you need anything and I can help you count on me Dave thank you so much
  19. vladimir

    Ink removal with windex

    Who has tried this method
  20. vladimir

    Rotovac 360i did I just come up

    So an update I did purchase the rotovac for a whopping $600 it came with the carpet brush the CFX and it all works what you guys think
  21. vladimir

    Used Rotovac 360i

    I have a chance to get one for a really good price used what do I need to look for cause this one looks a little banged up and it looks like it's leaking from the top help me out thanks
  22. vladimir

    Highest psi on your truckmount

    What is the highest psi you have gone on your truck mount with a wand I had a bad one today but my phone froze so I couldn't take pics any ways I cranked it up to 600 psi and it came out great I do have fans so the carpet was dry by the time I collected payment
  23. vladimir

    Human urine

    Just got a call and elderly man has urine in some spots in the house question what will be the best pre spray for this scenario
  24. vladimir

    Rotovac dirt cheap

    So this guy is selling the rotovac 360i very cheap question can the rotovac cause this issue in the picture look closely
  25. vladimir

    Pro Chem heavy artillery

    Ph level is 13 I think anyone out here ever try it and how did you like it got a very bad 1 tomorrow any suggestions thanks