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  1. Sonny

    Help,,Cleaning the edge of a carpet next to the base board???

    I cleaned a house and there was a very thin line of dust/dirt around the base boards. My wand will get as close as any wand but there is that 1/8 inch gap or so it dont get to. Anyway I do pull the hose around the edges first and get what I can. So the lady calls me a cupple days later and...
  2. Sonny

    PLEASE HELP....Is there money to be made or do I sell the equipment???????????

    HELP ME PLEASE....A little about me... I cleaned carpet full time in the bay area calif when I was a kid and did VERY well. Then I had the big idea of leaving Calif thinking capet cleaning must be the same everyware..(NOT) So now here I am with a 4x4 bill board for a van, a very clean prochem...