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  1. mclyburn1

    Post Card Problem

    Here is the deal. I had a company that would design, print, and mail the post cards for me. They even did a search for all the customers I wanted. The problem is it's over $900, plus around $300 to mail. Is this a good deal? I just got a new van so I'm back to making payments so I just don't...
  2. mclyburn1

    Whenever you feel like quitting

    Whenever you feel worn down, like you just can't take it, anymore. Whenever you feel there is no one here that can help you, hear you, hold you, or love you. You have to believe that there is a God that makes worn out things brand new. He can listen to you while holding you and will always love...
  3. mclyburn1

    Wood Cleaning or Tile & Grout (And hello again)

    Hello, sorry to be gone for so long. A LOT of personal things that had to be taken care of this year. I'm thinging of a add on to the business, I just don't know which one I should do, wood cleaning or T&G? Any advise.
  4. mclyburn1

    Live and Learn

    Time for me to gripe. I had the day off from my full time job, when a lady called to see if I can clean her whole house. She was moving in the next day and she wanted it done tonight. 3 bedrooms, 1 hall, stairs, LR. I started at 6:00 today. Although it was empty, it took me three hours which...
  5. mclyburn1

    Marketing Plan

    I'm working on a marketing plan for next year. I have two questions: 1. Does anyone have a postcard marketing plan that they use? 2. Does anyone know of a good company that helps with postcard direct mailings?
  6. mclyburn1

    Thsi is kind of creepy.
  7. mclyburn1


    OK, I don't know if this has been done before or if it is against the rules, but I going to give it a try. I want to back link with the people on this forum. I guess it would make sense to not do it with people who are in your city, so let’s not get in a fight about that. Also I would...
  8. mclyburn1

    Slow Year

    The phone has not rang in months. The Panthers are playing awful. Thinking about putting flyers out . Any thoughts.....?
  9. mclyburn1

    Tile and Grout or Wood Flooring

    Which would be a good add on to carpet cleaning, tile and grout or wood cleaning?
  10. mclyburn1

    Marketing to old customers

    I'm about to send a letter or postcard to customers I've done work for. What infomation or what thinks should be said in it? So far I have magnets, and I'm thinking about putting a brochure, is there anything else?
  11. mclyburn1

    Two Questions.

    1. How much do you work on your website to get in the top three of Google? I hear that you have to work on it everyday, but just what can you do everyday to the website to build it. PS: I do not have the income to get a SEO so please do not tell me to get one. For now I have to do this on...
  12. mclyburn1

    Need a Glide

    Moving that wand is killing me, so I need a glide. Who makes the best ones?
  13. mclyburn1

    Doing a sectional this weekend

    What are the normal stains that come with upholstery? Should I use citrus for the body oils or is it straight upholstery detergent or a combo of both?
  14. mclyburn1

    Question about my website.

    If you look at the very top of my website, it will say HOME. On others it will say things like "CARPET CLEANING CHARLOTTE" or other things that help them when it comes to being seen in Google. What is that called and how can I do that for my site?
  15. mclyburn1

    Upsatirs Cleaning

    I'm having a problem with cleaning upstairs rooms. The hose coming up the stairs will pool at the bottom of the stairs making it hard to move around. I will pull hoses up and it will fall right back down the stairs. 100 ft of hose is heavy. Quality of work is still good, but it is cutting in on...
  16. mclyburn1

    Google Question

    Is there a way to see where you are ranked on Google without having to go through all the pages?
  17. mclyburn1

    Good News....maybe.

    Well, I'm one the first page of Google, but I have a star to my name and it is connected to my blog on TMF. What does this mean?,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=e68d8902d5bd6cb1
  18. mclyburn1

    Not a salesman

    OK fellas, I just going to put it out there. I just can not sale. I'm having problems just giving business cards out. I try to justify it with "she looks busy" or "he do not look like he wants to be bothered" I need a pep talk that only TMF members can give......where is Shane and Rob,lol...
  19. mclyburn1

    What is a Backlink

    What is it and how do I do it for my website, plus how do it help? :confused:
  20. mclyburn1

    Will not deal with WestPak-USA again.

    Let me give you some background on what is happening. I purchase online from Westpak a mini ball valve on 2/16. Strike 1: A week went by and I have not received it yet. I call them at 9:00am (the time they said they was open), I got their voicemail. I call at 9:15, vm, 9:30, vm, 9:45 and a...
  21. mclyburn1

    Well Water

    I had a person say that when SS came out to clean her carpet, that something they did messed up the pipes to the pump to the well. Can using a truckmount hooked to a well pump for water mess up anything of the customer?
  22. mclyburn1

    Today is the First Day

    Today is the first day for 7 Star Carpet Care. Thank you for everyones help, even Shane, lol. Wish me luck and pray for me and my family.
  23. mclyburn1

    ChemDry Lose it My Gain

    Next week I'm doing a lawyers downstairs work room. I asked him when was the last time he had his carpet cleaned? He stood me that Chem sombody did over five years ago and they did a ok job, but he likes me and he like the pictures that I should him of my cleaning. I went into the speech of...
  24. mclyburn1

    Two question in one.

    I cleaned my house this weekend, but I have two problem to solve. 1. When I did the stair after doing the upstairs bedroom, I notice that I had to turn the Prowler off to unhook the wand and hook up the stair wand. Is there a quicker way of doing this order of cleaning ( from upstair room to...
  25. mclyburn1

    Cleaner Day One

    OK so I finished he family room today. Observation: 1. Ben walked me through starting and stopping the Prowler. Thanks Ben 2. I let the pre-spray dry which I know is a no-no. 3. I did not use a booster or stong enough pre-spray. I determend that from the way the carpet look after words...