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  1. Gasoline

    Melted 2" vac hose

    After melting a hole in a 50 ft section, I lopped off about 15' and set it aside. Should I reconnect it with some cuffs or should I just buy another 50'? Any downsides with reconnecting? Loss of vacuum maybe?
  2. Gasoline

    What are you fueling your body for lunch? Pics

    Gourmet or fast food. Protein or salads. High carbohydrates or vegan. Do you go for flavor or substance? Eat on the run. Sit down and conduct business at a table. Personal chef perhaps for all you ballers.
  3. Gasoline

    Best way to add a tip on a square charge

    Without looking like I didn't know what I was doing, I just said give me a review instead. But seriously, I didn't know how to add it and separate out the sales tax. Anyone know how to do it?
  4. Gasoline

    Water damage carpet cleaning

    Cgd. Roof leaked. Fixed now. Musty smell. What's your process, chem wise? Do I use browning? Acid rinse?
  5. Gasoline

    Can I use cotton uph pre spray to descale the tm?

    Pump is dropping pressure after a short bit of cleaning. I want to descale but I only have this on the truck. Will this work?
  6. Gasoline

    Amtex thread is closed I see.

    @smart n kleen I hope you now know if you go and look at a machine for sale, you turn it on and not 'trust' the seller and his word. This could have caught any hiccup from the get go. Yes, it could run and then die when you get it home. It happens, but not starting it or not being allowed...
  7. Gasoline

    Got a lost package in the mail? Call USPS customer service trick

    To get a HUMAN on the phone.... Calling the 800# is impossible to navigate and a huge time waster. Unless you like talking to robots.
  8. Gasoline

    Blower shut down on the cds

    Is there a safety on this to turn it off for having low oil? It's the only thing I can think of.
  9. Gasoline

    Vomit etched ceramic tile surface

    Kid vomit that was not cleaned up right away. The acid in the vomit caused the surface to appear dull. So it does not match the rest of the bathroom tiles. Can this be fixed? Buffed out or put a shine on.... Customer has scrubbed....possibly made it worse. But did apply a baking soda...
  10. Gasoline

    Fleas. What do I need to look for?

    In an empty. Not sure if they had pets. Smoke smell overrides pet odor anyway. I got bites on both my lower legs, itch like mad. But I can't confirm it was from that job. At first I thought spider bites from putting on pants that were on the floor for a while. But both legs? Improbable...
  11. Gasoline

    First wool wall to wall carpet.

    Vacuumed the heck out of it. Crb-ed the heck out of it. Loose fibers were in abundance. I mean it would not let up. I could have kept going all day. Is this normal?
  12. Gasoline

    Shutter bleed on brick. Not from washing, just from weather etc.

    How would I go about cleaning it off?
  13. Gasoline

    Photos and videos used in marketing

    Before and afters or even pics during the cleaning process, do you ask for the custy's permission to take them and use them? What's your policy? What's legal? What is your rights? Reason for asking....I had a customer ask I remove two pics from my FB page. One was an outside shot, a wide...
  14. Gasoline

    Was this tile supposed to be sealed? Pics!

    . Steps here. PM co. Seems to think they did the right thing to improve the appearance. I think it's short term bandaid. I did not think it should have been sealed.
  15. Gasoline

    Looking for a cleaner who can service a customer in....

    Looking for a cleaner who can service a customer who lives in or around Chestertown, MD or Rock Hall, MD. Help! A referral. He does not want to use SS.
  16. Gasoline

    01 Jet For Applying protector

    Looking for this jet size to fit the AS14 pump sprayer. 3 Gallon Commercial Sprayer There are several to choose from, but none of them specifically say 01 jet size. What does the 01 mean anyway? Is it the angle or the gpm or something else?
  17. Gasoline

    Time to change the belt? And how to...

    Minor cracks seen in the current belt. Some play with it. Could be stretched a bit. Do I loosen the upper right pulley that is not a fixed position to remove it? How do I know the proper setting once the new one is on? Do I mark the current position with a marker so I know what to aim for?
  18. Gasoline

    Liquid Dishwashing soap spilled on granite

    Darker areas show the spill. Looks like it penetrated. It's been sealed once three years ago. Flooded area with water, removed. Did not suds up at all. Feels soapy, filmy on top though. Thinking of using hand tool, 400 psi to rinse. Any other ideas?
  19. Gasoline

    Who owns you?

    Interesting. Good to see the other 'sex' working toward liberty.
  20. Gasoline

    How do I remove this from tile?

    Outside, by pool. Could have been pool chemicals. Custy doesn't know for sure. Acid?
  21. Gasoline

    What's the best way to apply grout sealer?

    I used that grout stick. Oh my aching back. Hunched over for 700 sqft of this. There has got to be a better way. 1.5 hours sucked the life out of me.
  22. Gasoline

    Do I have a restriction in my hose? Pics here!

    After one room cleaning. 100ft out. See the collapsing happening on the cuffs connected to the machine and the back of the devastator. I Take the hose off, it does not do this. No collapsing going on on the front of the devastator.
  23. Gasoline

    Cps and cops kidnap kids. This is wrong. Silver Spring, MD. Free range kids. ---- BS. I hate that phrase. I have kids. Now I have worry about this?
  24. Gasoline

    Latest purchase from amazon

    Makes quick work of getting your stuff mixed. Accurately.
  25. Gasoline

    What can I do to make this look better?

    Hwe cleaned already. Avenge upholstery cleaner. End zone rinse. Speed dried. Toweled off What could I do to improve it? Seems like the cleaning did nothing. Waste water was barely tan.