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  1. dmreed4311

    Talk about the crazy cost of the medical industry.

    About a month ago I had a sharp pain in my stomach , it was pain like I have never felt before, I was sure my appendix had exploded in my body:) So my wife drove me to the Brandon hospital emergency room. They took my blood, checked my blood pressure and did a cat scan, the doctor looked at the...
  2. dmreed4311

    This sprayer has me interested. an one use one?
  3. dmreed4311

    Descaling your Truckmount

    What do you use to descale your TM? I use Sulfamic Acid. I had extreme blockage in my Heat exchanger and after running sulfamic acid through my system for about ten minutes everything was cleared up perfectly. I mixed one pound in 5 gallons of water and after draining my fresh water tank I...
  4. dmreed4311

    Now this is a fund raiser!

    Was getting my hair cut at a local barber shop today this was on the counter. I bought a ticket:) @LFC
  5. dmreed4311

    Hurricane halcyon Truck mount

    I have this TM as a back up, I need new belts for the blower and pump but the numbers are worn off. I know it is a long shot but if anyone has one or the manual, please let me know the belt numbers, local auto parts store do not carry these belts.
  6. dmreed4311

    I think TMF is getting too big!

  7. dmreed4311

    Why do I see ads inside threads?

    Is this something new?
  8. dmreed4311

    Groutmaster making short work of some trashed polyester carpet

    Job I did today. it was construction grade 100 percent polyester carpet. I presprayed with groutmaster and rinsed with water.
  9. dmreed4311

    I cleaned carpet that is 51 years old today.

    This carpet is Dupont 501, it was installed in 1964, still looks great. Mohawk made this great carpet, too bad they are more interested in selling polyester these days. This is the add from 1964 for this carpet.
  10. dmreed4311

    TMF member is a dead terrorist!!!!! This guy was one of the shooters at that Texas art show. The cops shot him dead.
  11. dmreed4311

    Shower Glass?

    ok I'm in the middle of a bathroom remodel for my sister. I have the tile part down but her shower glass is so water stained and I have no idea how to get it perfect, also the metal is all gunked up. Any advice or tricks for getting these looking new? I work on this in my spare time but almost...
  12. dmreed4311

    My van wanted to kill me!!

    Driving down the road yesterday my drive shaft fell off, I guess it bounced up and damaged the catalytic converter . The drive shaft is made of aluminum so it is toast. 950.00 to get it all fixed:) Thankfully I have a back up. Repairs will not be complete until 4pm on monday, Without a back up...
  13. dmreed4311

    Google maps down?

    I noticed a decrease in calls today and after looking I see google maps is gone, now this is where I get most of my new leads from due to my nice reviews. hope when it comes back my reviews are intact.
  14. dmreed4311

    Ads within threads?

    Today I'm seeing adverts withing all thread I read, is this new? anyone else seeing this?
  15. dmreed4311

    Chemspec 444

    Any one ever run one of these? A friend got one for 200.00 without a blower. looks like new
  16. dmreed4311

    Has any one ever used the sticky door mats?

    I had a customer today that had these at her front door, Even though I felt my shoes were pretty clean, these mats proved me wrong. Anyone ever use these? This could be a great tool for the Dog and Pony show.
  17. dmreed4311

    Shopping at Toys r Us

    I took my kids to Toys r us yesterday for a little shopping spree and was shocked at how bad the carpets looked. I left a card at the front desk because there was no manager around. They must be in financial trouble to allow the carpet to look this bad.
  18. dmreed4311

    My plan to get more online reviews.

    For the last year or so I have just gave up asking customers for reviews because they never did. Trying to get them to leave a google review is very hard because some of them can never even find where they are to leave the review. Well I'm going to try to make it easy for them. I bought this...
  19. dmreed4311

    Tile master does make cleaning tile a pleasure.

    I remember the days when I did not enjoy cleaning trashed tile and grout but now when using Tilemaster it is like a hot knife through butter! it really is! My days of scrubbing grout lines seem to be done.
  20. dmreed4311

    I keep getting logged out

    Every time I click on New posts I get logged out, Any one else getting this?
  21. dmreed4311

    Redneck air conditioning

    At one of the apartment complexes I work at this is what one of the maintenance guy uses for air conditioning on his golf cart, it really does blow cold air.
  22. dmreed4311

    Call me Gramps!

    Well it finally happened I'm now a grandfather, My 21 year old daughter gave birth to an 8 lb baby boy named Ryan. I also have a 4 year old son and a six year old daughter, So ya!