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  1. Timothyscarpet

    I dont get it

    My short time in the industry has me scratching my head..... Spend $25000 on a pretty legit high tec TM. (Not to mention the pile of $$ on all your tools and accessories) and at best you maybe can generate $200/hr on a jobsite. Spend $6000 on a softwash skid and make $400/hr Air duct cleaning...
  2. Timothyscarpet

    Squeeky CRB

    My crb (10in) started squeeking recently, are there internal parts that I can lube?
  3. Timothyscarpet

    Cash Flow

    Cash flow is Cash flow right? In my own experience lately I have been utilizing my banks mobile deposits feature and I'm surprised how much more fluid it had made our Cash flow....I mean you might think we'll its not that big of deal just wait a couple days and throw together a deposit. Well...
  4. Timothyscarpet

    Prespray Temperature

    Whats the relationship between temp of prespray at application and effectiveness of cleaning? Say between using HF in-line(hot hot) vs pump up or battery sprayer (hot tap water at best)? Any actual scientific answers would be helpful.
  5. Timothyscarpet

    Auto Scrubbers

    How many of you commercial cleaning guys own your own auto scrubbers? Or would you rather use the clients that they own?
  6. Timothyscarpet

    For those who use online booking

    How do you make sure that your jobs that are booked online aren't all over the dang place? I mean geographically, like I would like online booking option but if I have someone in a town 40 miles north of my town book and then the next time slot books 40 miles south it wouldn't be the greatest...
  7. Timothyscarpet

    Adding an OP

    I recently added the Mytee Eco17 to my van with the intent to utilize similar to a 2nd wand on larger commercial jobs and potentially large open residential. Encap has come along way and there is some really impressive chemistry as well as machines out there now. I was feeling limited by my...
  8. Timothyscarpet

    Conventions and Trade Shows

    Whats the schedule looking like any nation wide ones going down?
  9. Timothyscarpet

    What Do You Own And Why

    Do you clean with a slide in or direct drive and why? I've only ever owned slide ins but I'm curious about direct drive units.
  10. Timothyscarpet

    And this backing be like......

    Anyone run into issues washing a rug with a backing like this in the pit? Tag says 100% wool pile 20%cotton 80%wool. I'm assuming the cotton is in the backing somewhere
  11. Timothyscarpet

    Fringe Cleaning

    Wondering about fringes, I've got a circle rug that ill be cleaning with longer fringes, if there is browning can a guy post treat with say oxy buff or a like chemistry to correct? What are your go to methods to get them to pop?
  12. Timothyscarpet

    Large Showroom Floors

    Just landed my first janitorial at the local car dealership. The flooring is mainly tile and grout, white gloss ceramic gray grout. What would be an efficient and effective way to clean it 3 nights a week? They own an auto scrubber with suction bar but I'm worried about it pushing dirty water...
  13. Timothyscarpet

    Wintertime VLM

    Been thinking of switching to more VLM now the weather is darn near subzero. Whats your go to system? Thinking of getting a smaller 13in 175 with brush and bonnets?
  14. Timothyscarpet

    Too Much Negative Pressure?

    Is there such a thing? I noticed since I've purchased and use my door seal there's a massive pressure difference in the home while I have our air duct machine running....could it be coincidence that yesterday one of our clients called saying after we cleaned the ducts her water heater wasn't...
  15. Timothyscarpet

    Airing Out Waste Tank

    Do you guys open up your tank lid at night? My mechanic who did the install said it will help air out the blower....what are your thoughts ?
  16. Timothyscarpet

    Killer Combo

    Finally have a knockout chemistry combo, or at least I've fallen in love with the results. Black Label prespray, Soap Free Procyon mixed at 15oz to 5gal in the TM. The Black Label does awesome tackling most spotting after a good agitation and smells amazing. The procyon has another round of...
  17. Timothyscarpet

    Head Scratcher

    Bed legs left stains, the pads are black plastic. Stains are dark brown, only top 3rd of the carpet fiber and wicked to my rag pink? Anyone come across stains like that before? I can't imagine the plastic would leave a color stain....I tried oxidize, nothing, reduce, nothing. Fels bar and it...
  18. Timothyscarpet

    Color Sealing

    Can it be done on shower surrounds? Are there any good video resources out there? I'm sick of putting in tons of hard work to get grout cleaned only to dry and look splotchy...darker lighter so on. On another note, what would you recommend to clean bathroom ceramic tile thats be mopped...
  19. Timothyscarpet

    In Floor Vents

    I have a commercial account that I'm working on, 3 different systems all with cooling units plumbed directly into concrete floor, 1 system was easy with 12x4 floor vent openings right over top of the 6 in runs. The other 2 systems have no access to trunks and the floor vents are smaller 12x2...
  20. Timothyscarpet

    Leaky Nozzles

    Anything I can do to stop my nozzles from leaking when I disconnect my solution line from the wand? Super annoying my other wand never drips but its only a 12
  21. Timothyscarpet

    Power Vacs Portables or Electrical

    We used to clean air ducts with a trailer mounted power vac. Now I see lots of powerful gas powered portables and these inside the home nikro plug in units. Are they really that good? Are the days of the power vac duct cleaning over? I'm looking to purchase a new set up and just wondering...
  22. Timothyscarpet

    Bidding Large Commercial Jobs

    Hey guys, I've got a very well established company in a somewhat rural area, mostly what I would consider higher end residential clients but I pretty much take any job as there isn't too much for competition in our area. I got an awakening the other day after I bid out a local hotel, all...
  23. Timothyscarpet

    Seeking Advice on Growing

    I just bought a new 370, ive put 300 hrs on it. Love it except I've already grown to a point where I need either a other setup or a dual wand TM. Mostly to handle large commercial jobs that I've been going after. Whatya guys think sell my current rig and upgrade to a dual wand or just add a...
  24. Timothyscarpet

    Growing strategy

    Hey guys I thought I'd inquire to you that have grown out of a 1 truck operation. I'm currently a 1 man show but my business plan has always been to grow beyond that. I am constantly busy and growing! How can you guys weigh in on either selling my current 1 wand 370 (300 hrs) and replacing...
  25. Timothyscarpet

    Possible to start small?

    I'm considering adding water restoration to my business, I'm steady cleaning and would like to hire another tech and build more service into my existing business. I was curious about expanding into water damage, I service a fairly rural area with little competition from franchises or independent...