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    Prespray damaged rubber baseboards

    I got a call saying that their baseboards look stained after we had cleaned their carpets. I haven't seen the damage yet, but does anyone have a solution to fix the damage?? Thanks.
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    Brushpro and Strongs CRB's . . .

    . . . are they the same machine?? Are the parts interchangeable?? Bottom line-I need a set of renovators for my 20" brushpro. Any ideas where I can get a set??
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    stolen work van part 2

    I sent a post last week about my carpet van being stolen right out of our lot last Friday 4/27 down in Capistrano Beach, Orange County. Well, the police found my white 2008 Ford Econo line up in Bell Gardens in LA county! They punched out the door locks and broke the ignition to start and drive...
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    stolen work van:(

    hey y’all. please keep an out out for a Prochem Blazer GT truck-mount if you’re in southern california. Our vans were broken into Friday 4/27 night where they were parked in Capistrano Beach, CA. It’s a quick and easy drive south to San Diego or north to Los Angeles. One white Ford econo-line...
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    Too many trips back to the van

    It takes me an average of 6 trips back and forth to the van (setting up) before I start cleaning the carpet. Is this about right or am I missing something??