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    Unfortunately I won’t be at the Exp trade show…

    Rob, so sorry to hear about your sister's passing and your brother's illness. I appreciate this forum and all you do for us fellow wand pushers! Looking forward to meeting you son and his wife at the expo
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    Today is an extremely sad day

    Rob, so sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like you will have great memories and you know in your heart you made a beautiful contribution to her life by taking care of her for the last 30 years. Well done!
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    Matrix all fiber rinse

    It's specific to California. This label is put on just about everything.
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    Cleaning my rug shop floor with 4000 psi, 8gpm @250º and Groutmaster live

    Mama Fen, I'm in the market for another surface cleaner. I would love to pm you if the offer stands for us "onlookers". Thanks!
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    Porous Sandstone has suntan oils all over it

    Go to Smart N' Final and get a gallon of their oven cleaner. Spray it on, let dwell, and rinse. I clean a wedding venue a couple of times a month and the caterers are constantly spilling grease and cooking oil on the brick patio. It works!
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    Prespray damaged rubber baseboards

    Ok, that sounds good. I'll try armor all and give it a shot before replacing. Thank you for your input!
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    Prespray damaged rubber baseboards

    I got a call saying that their baseboards look stained after we had cleaned their carpets. I haven't seen the damage yet, but does anyone have a solution to fix the damage?? Thanks.
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    Brushpro and Strongs CRB's . . .

    Sorry I wasn't very clear. I guess my real question is if anyone knows where I can purchase renovators for my 20" Brushpro.
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    Brushpro and Strongs CRB's . . .

    . . . are they the same machine?? Are the parts interchangeable?? Bottom line-I need a set of renovators for my 20" brushpro. Any ideas where I can get a set??
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    Fraudulent Practices by Aztec/Interlink Financial

    Sorry you are going through all this. I have been dealing with Aztec for several years now and have never had any difficulties. At times, they seem a bit slow in getting back to me, but they always do. Good luck to you in the future!
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    What are your go to products for slate?

    I'm in So. Cal. We have Hard Rock (floor tools and supplies) and Routley Enterprise (carpet cleaning supplies).
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    What are your go to products for slate?

    I use StonePro cleaner and color enhancing sealer-great results!
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    stolen work van part 2

    Yes I did. They will cover a portion of the equipment, but not even close...
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    stolen work van part 2

    I sent a post last week about my carpet van being stolen right out of our lot last Friday 4/27 down in Capistrano Beach, Orange County. Well, the police found my white 2008 Ford Econo line up in Bell Gardens in LA county! They punched out the door locks and broke the ignition to start and drive...
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    stolen work van:(

    the truck-mount serial number is 10011210000323
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    stolen work van:(

    somehow they broke in, and hot-wired it without setting off the alarm...but unfortunately there are no other security cameras or witnesses to the robbery.
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    stolen work van:(

    hey y’all. please keep an out out for a Prochem Blazer GT truck-mount if you’re in southern california. Our vans were broken into Friday 4/27 night where they were parked in Capistrano Beach, CA. It’s a quick and easy drive south to San Diego or north to Los Angeles. One white Ford econo-line...
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    Aloha Dave - Send some cards, please.

    Blessings and peace for you and your family.
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    Featured Why carpet cleaners get sick and die! (Prevention video included)

    Does CO linger in the van after the job is done and the machine is shut off?? Can I get poisoned while driving to the next job???
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    Fire Sale Opportunity

    Don, I will be in San Antonio on the weekend of Feb 24th and 25th. Can you text me or PM me your contact info? I'd love to take a look. Thanks, Brett Clifford 949-682-6641
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    I will be in San Antonio in a couple of weeks. I would love to take a look and see what I...

    I will be in San Antonio in a couple of weeks. I would love to take a look and see what I could use. Can you message me you phone and address of the warehouse?? Thanks, Brett Clifford 949-682-6641
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    Welcome to the forum. We are neighbors! We do window cleaning, carpet cleaning and pressure washing in South Orange County
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    RugBadger Pro

    just curious, why are you selling??