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  1. Royal Treatment

    Need help

    I have been doing CRB and the carpet is making different marks. Any ideas on this. I was even using just water to make it a little better but no change.
  2. Royal Treatment

    Hard surface HELP

    Used Groutmaster to get it cleaned, let it sit for 10 min and cleaned behind it. Have tried to continue to clean with water and let dry, had a white residue in some areas up under counters and such. Tried more groutmaster to see if it would budge and it helped a little bit. The floor was not...
  3. Royal Treatment

    NEW Restoration company Name

    Branching out and building a commercial restoration company and trying to come up with a name. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! We will be based in SC and cover NC and GA. Thanks
  4. Royal Treatment

    Tile turning white

    I used groutmaster in the kitchen of this hotel. While we were cleaning it looked great but when we were done and it was dry it had a white pasty look. I neutralized it but did not make a difference. Any ideas?
  5. Royal Treatment

    Tile discolored from litter box

    Anybody seen tile discolored where the liter box was. The customer just sent me pics of their clients tile that they are trying to get on the market. Any ideas or suggestions on cleaning or restoring it?
  6. Royal Treatment

    Boat Detailing/ Vinyl Detailing

    I am looking for cleaning products for detailing the inside of boats, vinyl seats, heavy mildew stains, and many more. The carpets should be the easy part. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  7. Royal Treatment

    Moth's in Wool Rug

    I have a customer who has a moth problem on her wool rugs. They have began to eat the wool and are all over the place. I have searched threads and nothing recent I can find about this? Is this as simple as cleaning and treating for them? Any help would be appreciated. I can upload pictures but...
  8. Royal Treatment

    Iron issues on concrete

    I have a customer that uses well water for watering the grass and it contained iron in the well. The filter malfunctioned and it has caused an issues in pictures attached. Has been there for 3 weeks, first test spot was a rust remover and it worked. Just had to use a lot of it. Tried acid. Any...
  9. Royal Treatment

    In market for new tool

    Im looking for a tool that has interchangeable bottoms, looking to have the ability to put a brush head on and use for agitation on bad carpet jobs as well as the ability to put a pad on and strip/wax vct etc. what is out there like this on the market?
  10. Royal Treatment

    Stripping and cleaning help

    This current job I am on has the tile listed below and has some sort of sealer on it. Has been many years I am sure. I have used express by new line to try and get it off tile and grout, acid cleaners, heavy duty 13.5 ph. I have not been able to break through it. Any ideas?
  11. Royal Treatment

    Mileage and Travel

    Located in South Carolina and most of my commercial customers have multiple locations and want me to travel to them. What are you charging for travel time and expenses.
  12. Royal Treatment

    Fire marshall, hazmat, SDS sheets

    Had the fire Marshall come by the shop today and told me i had to have certain items in a non flammable cart, printed sds sheet on every item, haz mat permit and signage. Do yall have any experience with this?
  13. Royal Treatment

    Barrier Tape and Barrier Options

    When you clean a parking lot or a portion of the exterior of a restaurant and need to block those areas off what are yall using to post the tape to those areas and are you using caution tape or do yall have someone that makes your logo on it? Any ideas?
  14. Royal Treatment

    Gas Station Contract Concrete and Tile Cleaning

    I service clean multiple fuel stations quarterly cleaning concrete and the tile & grout inside the station. I have a good cleaning agent that I use for the diesel fuel. What are yall using on concrete with that much build up of grease, oil, fuel etc. It is taking me 5+ hours cleaning out my...
  15. Royal Treatment

    Dryer vent cleaning

    When i have customers ask for dryer vent cleaning, can i just throw a inline filter on there and suck it out with my vac hose or are there attachments or brushes.
  16. Royal Treatment


    I have a few contracts in apartments that use a vinyl and it has grooves in it. The cleaners that go in there and clean can not get the dirt and blackness out of the grooves and cracks. I have been using my dirt dragon tool to clean it. The problem is I cannot get under the tight areas or around...
  17. Royal Treatment

    In the market for a new wand

    Well, after 8 years in the business I made a big goof up. My want was sitting on the side of the truck and got ran over. What is the best bang for the buck. I am also interested in getting a glide for whatever I get as well.
  18. Royal Treatment

    Looking for Maintenance sheet for rigs

    I have made many excel spreadsheets with each truck, trailer, van, machine, portable etc . I am trying to find the best way to keep up with the oil changes that are due on the trucks and on the hours on the machine. I have made a checklist of all things that my employees need to check once a...
  19. Royal Treatment

    Gas Station Concrete

    I have been cleaning hard surfaces tile grout concrete for 7+ years. I am just starting to pick up the outside of my gas stations as I have been doing the inside tile. They had someone doing the outside with the pressure washer until they just were not happy with them. It has a gas side and a...
  20. Royal Treatment

    Gas station/store concrete

    I do a ton of driveways, residential, commercial and use a variety of concrete cleaners. I use my high speed machine with 3,000psi+ and heat, cleaning agent and let it soak in. What is the best solution or cleaning agent to help at diesel pumps and gas pumps. They are interested in the islands...
  21. Royal Treatment

    Looking for a new tool to carry

    We do a lot of commercial and residential carpet. On board I carry two wands, (one for a back up) and the hoss 700. This tool just takes up time and back ache to keep taking places. When I run into these bad carpet situations I need a rotary tool for carpets to pull out. I would like to try the...
  22. Royal Treatment

    What can I do to improve my website

    Been in the business for 8 years and still trying to get my website right. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  23. Royal Treatment

    Carpet/Tile cleaning trailer

    2013 Trailer, took wrap off and all equipment out so you can install what ever you want. I paid $10,450 for trailer. Looking to get around $7,000 and willing to work with you. Located in South Carolina. Trailer is in great shape. Could use two tires soon. I will be more than glad to hold my...
  24. Royal Treatment

    Sapphire scientific 2500

    I have a sapphire scientific 2500 that i purchased from an individual with 900 hours. It was a masters touch edition in the enclosed trailer and the trailer was a 2013 and purchased the entire package so I would figure it is somewhere close to 2013. We recently moved everything to a box truck...
  25. Royal Treatment

    Concrete with oil stains

    We keep running in to cleaning concrete walkways and driveways and people always ask about oil stains. Has anyone made anything that would help with this process? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk