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  1. StevenB.

    This is kind of kewl.

    Evidently Ragnar Lodbrock and Lagertha are my 41st great grandparents.
  2. StevenB.

    Given a choice would you use a 175 or OP machine on wood floors and why?

    I will be using my crb for agitation with absorbent compound. I'll likely add a conditioner of sorts and know the crb isn't well suited for adding a gloss.
  3. StevenB.

    What's your opinion of using a CRB and absorbent compound on wood floors?

    I watched a video, bought some of the compound and figuring on testing the waters. My understanding is it works well with managed expectations. Not as glossy.
  4. StevenB.

    Is there a break in procedure for OP pad drivers?

    I'm having some issues.
  5. StevenB.

    I'm thinking about buying the 13 inch op machine today

    I want to add a couple of smaller commercial accounts. I thought it might be more useful than my 13 inch 175. The other factor is I want more than what my oreck orbiter gives without the weight of a full size OP machine for spot duty for residential...
  6. StevenB.

    I have some questions for you vlm guys.

    Most of you know I'm a porty guy and favor a porchmount setup auto pump out and auto fill with 220 psi. or water otter enough psi and 2.2 gpm enough to do tile and grout with a spinner. That's a new thing for me. So is my 10 inch Brushpro CRB. I've dabbled in vlm cleaning for quite sometime but...
  7. StevenB.

    It was a good day.

  8. StevenB.

    Will Trump's first budget year raise or lower our debt?

    By how much? I say raise bigly and your health care cost will remain the same or way higher and you will still blame the liberals.:D:banghead::borg:
  9. StevenB.

    Just a man and his brushpro

  10. StevenB.

    What is a modern day conservative?

    I was raised as a fundamentalist Baptist and conservative. We went to Church on Sundays and choir practice at least one other day. We tithed. We were strongly discouraged from drinking alcohol, gambling, cursing and such. It was a disciplined lifestyle, we were bound to being honest and...
  11. StevenB.

    My water otter won't go up past 350psi

    I'm not certain but I think I may have lost a part on my unloader valve. I can't find a parts list anywhere for the unloader just parts breakdown on the pump. I have a spring and a saddle and that's it. Does anyone know where I can get a parts schematic for the unloader.
  12. StevenB.

    Spot dye with my crb

    Rudy from Rudy's fantastic shine referred my service for this spot dye this morning. No rinse just post crb . It looked amazing way better than the pics. I was in and out in 30 minutes
  13. StevenB.

    My Transit Connect on the inside

    It's still a work in progress but I'm really liking it. I believe these vans are almost perfect for porties.
  14. StevenB.

    Happy 4th

  15. StevenB.

    What does your kit look like?

    Back in the day I used to carry a kit to the door of every job. It had promo products,free spotter bottles,business cards,door hangers etc. I moved away from that but now find myself motivated to build a good one combined with spotters and accessories I might need for a proper walk through. I'm...
  16. StevenB.

    Bought my first spinner tool.

    I bought the Turbo hybrid TH 40. It has a ring with bristles and one without. I'm looking at the instructions and they don't elaborate. There's a hard boot ring and a brush ring. What gives?
  17. StevenB.

    Whats a good value pump up sprayer?

    I'm in the market a good pump up for encap and not interested in the powered ones at this time.
  18. StevenB.

    Time to upgrade

    So I'm about to buy a 10 inch CRB next week most likely a brushpro. A turbo hybrid spinner and hand tool. I'm buying a water otter as well I'm also buying an upholstery tool. I think I'm looking at the roto shear dry or Mytee any thoughts?
  19. StevenB.

    Free spotter bottles

    I'm looking at jon don or interlink. This is my first time going with the free spotter bottle program. Any thoughts,suggestions or tips?
  20. StevenB.

    This is really good, fair and informative.

    If you wonder who in the hell voted for some of our politicians this might help. I wish they would just freeze it as is instead of ever changing. Both parties abuse it.
  21. StevenB.

    How many wish Pence were in charge?

    Or are you still good with Trump? If so where do you see us as a country this time next year? I'm not trying to mock or ridicule here. I'm just trying to look into the crystal ball a bit for business purposes and see where some of you sit on this.
  22. StevenB.

    Trump's first month.

    What do you think? Will it be good for business? Will the tariff's affect our bottom line? I would like to at least see a workable plan for healthcare. I'm beginning to wonder if they will try and stall while keeping the revenue stream from Obamacare still intact. It's perfectly suitable to cuss...
  23. StevenB.

    Trying out some new stuff.

  24. StevenB.

    Tiffany just built my website and my logo.

    What do you think? I love it...It's not like she has much to work with but I think she put lipstick on this pig and it looks pretty good.
  25. StevenB.

    LMB2A and Mytee C302A

    What's the difference? http://www.this company does not support