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  1. Lefty724

    Which phone/OS do you use and why?

    Well as some of you know, I'm a bit of a phone/tech geek. I have had pretty much all phones and platforms and now prefer the Samsung/Android devices. Lately I have been switching back and forth between the Galaxy Note 5/Samsung Gear S watch and the iPhone 6/Apple watch. I love both phones and...
  2. Lefty724

    Canelo VS Cotto!

    Canelo VS Cotto is about to start. Any predictions? I think the youth and power will swing in Canelo's favor. Going for Canelo! Should be a great fight! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  3. Lefty724

    Ford Transit Powerstroke with New TM!!

    Hey guys, as some of you know, I've been looking for a TM for a little while. I've been HWE, VLM, then HWE again and so on. At the end of the day HWE and VLM both work great in the right situation. Lately, I've been banging my head because I bought a new Ford Transit with a Powerstroke...
  4. Lefty724

    What do you do for lunch?

    What do you guys do for lunch? Do you guys buy or pack a lunch everyday? If you pack, what are your choices? I've always been a buyer, but have been packing a lunch lately and feel better throughout the day. I went to REI and bought a stove so I gave been able to get creative!
  5. Lefty724

    Android calendar anyone?

    Hey guys, anyone here using their phone to schedule their work? If so which app and/or calendar? I use a regular day planner, but want to get a little more high tech! Thanks!
  6. Lefty724

    Releasit DS/VLM results as of late...

    Hey guys, just want to say that I have been using Releasit line of chems lately and have been very impressed by the results. Like a few others here, I am 95% empty homes, rentals, foreclosures, and vacation rentals. I get to experiment with tons of methods, chems and tools this way. Here are...
  7. Lefty724

    New (to me) ETM! Heat?

    Hey guys, just finished up installing my new ETM. It is a Techno Viking and so awesome! I recently sold my TM off in hopes to save on fuel, stink in the van, repairs, etc... 99% of my hose runs are 100' or less, so I think this should fit the bill. My only dilemma now is heat? I have...
  8. Lefty724

    New Orbot owner!

    Well guys, I was finally able to track down a used Orbot (1 hour of use LOL) and am very impressed with it! It is very well built and looks very professional IMO. I plan on pushing commercial work a lot and thought this would be a nice addition to my van? Just wanted to share this with you...
  9. Lefty724

    VLM/OP guy, do you post vacuum?

    Hey guys was having a conversation with an old friend about post vacuuming? He is dead set on vacuuming before and after cleaning and says it picks up stuff and resets the pile? I always just rake and haven't had any problems yet? What are your thoughts on this? As always, thanks in advance!
  10. Lefty724

    Rotary/175 vs. OP? Your thoughts?

    I know this has been discussed before, but for those of you who have used both...what are you likes and dislikes between the 2? Which do you prefer and why?:mad:
  11. Lefty724

    Rotary guys?

    Hey guys, I have been experimenting with a new 175 buffer on carpet and am wondering which pad(s) you guys prefer when cleaning carpet using VLM? Thanks in advance!
  12. Lefty724

    Maintaining VCT floor???? (Paging Locko)

    Hey guys, just did a really nice seal and wax VCT floor in a home garage. The total job was 1100 sq ft and I ended up putting 2 coats of sealer and 5 coats of finish. The home owner wants a maintenance plan and wants the deepest shine possible? Money is mo object with this guy and I want to...
  13. Lefty724


    How many of you guys here wear a bluetooth? It seems every time I am super busy with work, my phone starts ringing? I hate having to stop and answer the phone! Any of you guys wear them? Do you still work while on the phone? Thanks in advance!
  14. Lefty724

    Fresh water tank vs. on-site hook up?

    Hey guys as some of you know, I am doing more hwe as of late and am curious as to how many here carry their own water? Own fresh tank(s)? I always use the customers water, but would like to hear your thoughts on this subject? Thanks
  15. Lefty724

    Hydramaster CDS wear and tear??

    Hey guys, I was down today looking at CDS and was talking to the guys about it. I am interested in buying one down the road but was wondering about the wear on the van's drive train? The salesman at the supply house told me that 1 hour on the TM equals 30 miles worth of wear and tear? Is this a...
  16. Lefty724

    Favorite Upholstery Tool?

    Searched already and latest was about a year ago.... So I need a new upholstery tool (like yesterday) and want to hear some of your thoughts? I have the normal generic uph tool but am still nervous when doing upholstery because of the tool:( Thanks in advance!
  17. Lefty724

    VLM on upholstery?

    Any of you guys use VLM for upholstery? If so, what machines and chems do you prefer? I have played with a Von Schrader and a small orbital for stairs but am curious about actual sofa's, love seat, etc....?
  18. Lefty724

    Charging issues?

    Hey guys, have been having problems with my TM and it charging the battery? It is an older Avenger 210 and I only use it maybe 2-3 times a month, so I never have had to have it charge? I just charge the battery once a month. As I am trying more and more to get into residential, I am trying to...
  19. Lefty724

    Back window ideas?

    Hey guys, I have a 2010 E250 and want to black out the 2 rear windows? They are tinted already but don't want people to be able to see through at all. I was thinking of just adding a few more layers of tiny or? Is there any cheap effective way of achieving this? Any and all ideas welcome. Thanks!
  20. Lefty724

    What else do you guys drive?

    Hey guys, being a car kinda guy I am curious to see what else you guys drive besides you work vans? them up!!!! I will go first..... Work van-2010 Ford E-250 Personal ride-2005 Ford F-250 45k original miles Fun ride-2008 Harley Davidson Road King 1k original miles. This...
  21. Lefty724

    Favorite pads?

    For all you VLM guys, what is your pad of choice? You can specify residential or commercial if you like.... I will go first. Residential-Microfiber pads with scrub strips Commercial-Fiber Plus pads Obviously there are a ton of other pads and combos out there but I am just curious to...
  22. Lefty724

    Anyone use a CRB?

    Any of you out there use a CRB? If so, what are some of the situations when you guys will pull it out? Also which model do you guys use? I have a very small Sebo Duo crb that I use when I need a light scrub, but have been thinking of getting a bigger machine? Your thoughts?
  23. Lefty724

    How much VLM work do you guys do?

    Hey guys, what percentage of your work is VLM? What machine(s) do you use? What is your favorite chem(s)? Residential and/or commercial? I'll go first, I am about 95% VLM and use a Orbitec Defender and/or my 15" Challenger. My favorite chems to use right now are pretty much anything...
  24. Lefty724

    Favorite Vacuum?

    Hey guys for those of you who pre-vac, what is your favorite vacuum and why? I'm a bit of a vacuum whore, I currently have around 12 vacuums and am just addicted to pre vacuuming. I seem to always buy a new vacuum when I go in for bags or belts LOL:mad: As of right now, I think my favorite...
  25. Lefty724

    OP/VLM guys, favorite pad and why?

    For you guys that padcap, encap, OP, etc.... What is your favorite pad and why? I think I have just about every pad made in the garage but would like to hear your comments? For me, right now I am gonna have to say it's the micro fiber with scrub strips? What about you guys?