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  1. Odin

    EZ truck mount engine replacement

    well the old Subaru grenade yesterday over 1900 hours on a single-cylinder air cool 13.5 hp with a 33 blower is not bad 369 dollar harbor freight with 80 dollars for the two-year warranty total hours 30 minutes to remove the motor 1 hour drive time to harbor freight and home took an hour...
  2. Odin

    Sometimes you have to walk

    With the passing of Charlie, my patience has been quite short, on a good note I have so many wonderful customers. It's been tough I run into this lady this morning whole house empty she keeps talking about how the carpet is new, well it's 5 years old so it's not new and how expensive it is. I...
  3. Odin

    Time to flatten the fear
  4. Odin

    Tecnoviking is making a come back LET THE HATE BEGIN

    wow who would have known one new order and then a commercial customer for inhouse carpet cleaning All new pressure pump and new vac motors
  5. Odin

    the 500 dollar carpet cleaning filter fix

    yeah yeah yeah I know the big expensive heavy stainless filter is kind of like a status symbol for carpet cleaners who can't afford a Rolex couple dollars in PVC and some pantyhose no restriction change out every two days or so
  6. Odin

    You think you can trust the media

    fake news get it out, do the damage job done
  7. Odin

    I was offering free carpet cleaning

    to a few of the restaurants, this is a good time to clean right now? 5 of them are now out of business or closing Three months with no customers and not much to look forward to with our wishy-washy state governor A couple of them tried the dine out thing or delivery but it was not enough...
  8. Odin

    Prochem 13 inch 4 jet wand

    Who wants it? all it needs is a glide $225
  9. Odin

    A stationary techno Viking would make a great shop machine

    just park it in one spot no need to drag it around also lightweight under 100 pounds
  10. Odin

    surprise surprise surprise

    the surprise is the guy is alive No one has ever heard from that poor guy who blocked a tank how many years ago? I am sure Democrats would love to have this much power this is why they love commies so much the power
  11. Odin

    Area rug cleaning

    Chinese rug with a Chinese beer
  12. Odin

    anyone get one of these in the mail

    what exactly is this fudgeery
  13. Odin


    Helping out a fellow carpet cleaner last nigh doing a small restaurant for him recovering from knee replacement getting done with the cleaning the owner starts pulling out all the filthy kitchen mats ( cheap Costco carpet ones ) I mean must have been 10 or 12 Owner says he always cleans them...
  14. Odin

    Google scam fraud call

    had a very interesting first warning was it was a British Columbia phone number, I am right next to the border so I do have many Canadian customers with boats and vacation homes down here, Call starts out Hello this is google and you have to renew your google account it has not been used in a...
  15. Odin

    So you think you know how to detail and clean car or van interiors

    Pretty much just stick to the low hanging fruit when it comes to this easy customer takes the seats out of the van or just simple Unlike this gentleman, I don't have ten hours to spend on cleaning a van or car. I'm pretty sure this guy makes more from the youtube thing having millions of views...