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  1. crash1big

    Scary Breathing Problems

    It was probably from something in the carpet. Maybe a combo of things. Something the custy used maybe.
  2. crash1big

    New Apex 570 or Everest 870

    The promaster is a pain. Little things always breaking. Can't lock the doors w/o the keys and God forbid you try to drive w/o your seat belt. The bells and buzzers will drive you crazy. The Chevy is a good solid vehicle. I have 3 1 ton extended vans. I can't overload them and their...
  3. crash1big

    Grout issues

    Nothing you did. It could be stained or it was a bad mix from the beginning. Some installers don't "slake" the grout and it can leave splotchy areas. You did't see it before because it was hazed over. Might try some color match on the dark areas.
  4. crash1big

    No rinse stripper

    No-rinse simply means that it self neutralizes. Which is good if you vacuum up the slurry quickly. I still rinse though.
  5. crash1big

    Janaitorial - Employee Production

    I suggest getting a walk-behind. It will be cheaper in the long-run.
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    What's the worst piece of advice you received

    The worst advice I ever got was when I was told to "go get a real job". My ex-wife told me that about 27 years ago. That was when I was the little fish in the pond. Now I AM the pond. :) About the IICRC; I now have 3 Masters from them. Did I learn anything? Yes absolutely. About carpet...
  7. crash1big

    Shower mold, customer complaint

    I hope you didn't give a 12 month mold warranty.
  8. crash1big

    New site Format

    I'm not a big one for change. I like the old site better.
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    How important is scent in a prespray? How long would you like it to linger?

    I dont really care one way or the other but most of my customers like a light scent. :)
  10. crash1big

    Power grout brush

  11. crash1big

    At what point should you buy new trucks?

    I buy new when mine have been fully depreciated.
  12. crash1big

    Unusual source for moisture all over carpet on 3 levels of a home.

    Might be that they sprinkled baking soda and that might be why the probe encountered moisture. I'd be interested in knowing what the humidity levels are in those areas.
  13. crash1big

    Ok carpet repair experts, what did I do wrong?

    Todd; I found medium to be a bit too high in most cases.
  14. crash1big

    How to pick the right Truckmount

    I would buy local if I could. Brand names so parts are available. Stay as simple as you can.
  15. crash1big

    How much furniture do you move?

    It's all about customer service for me. Some home owners like to have every square inch cleaned. Who am I to tell them they don't need to worry about under the furniture. I try not to have an opinion one way or another when it comes to what a customer wants. If they want a rocket ship built...
  16. crash1big

    Triforce carpet stretcher

    That tool doesn't stretch carpet but between the head and the feet. No way to stretch across the whole room. I wouldn't let my guys use it. I get at least 2 calls a week to do re-stretches. Mostly because so called installers are too cheap or lazy to use the right tools. Sometimes its a...
  17. crash1big

    Another sister died this week. This was particularly horrible.

    I share your pain Randy. Sorry for your loss. It's hard to watch people (especially loved ones) go through that.
  18. crash1big

    Commissioned employees start times

    I'm sure you have a schedule to keep( for you and your customers) and employees need to understand that. I might not fire them but docking their pay might have a nice result. I dock pay from my guys for not cleaning their vehicles. I don't the first couple times but after that I let them know...
  19. crash1big

    Reducing moisture in basement

    Tell them to buy a dehumidifier.
  20. crash1big

    NEW CCTS product line

    Conciliatory? He probably didn't know what you were talking about.