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  1. Paul Brown

    Mytee OP machine

    A new Mytee OP machine is arriving today. Gonna use it tonight at a facility I've cleaned for 12 years with a variety of tools: Cimex, LowBoy, Dual speed Rotary, Trinity Freedom, variable speed Rotary, Whittaker. It will be fun to see how long it takes compared to past cleanings. About 6000 sf...
  2. Paul Brown

    A Thank You to the Three Johns

    I had a call today from an elderly man moving to a new unit in the senior community Oakmont. The former tenant spilled some kind of oil in the hallway on the last trip out with her stuff...white carpets, spotted with urichrome yellow....a cat had lived there before. They were just recently...
  3. Paul Brown

    Found on my Daughter's fridge

    This was from about 2003....10' box w lift gate on the Isuzu.... Gm 350 motor .... 11 mpg. I never lettered that van.... Many of my wealthy clients didn't want the neighbors to know who was doing what at their homes.
  4. Paul Brown

    Another beauty!

    Today's job was for a friend that used to work for Stanley Steamer. He's caretaker for his elderly dad, a decorated Air Force vet from WW2..... Carpets had that "experienced look" and enough black cat hair to make toupees for a whole cancer ward. In just under 400 SF, I got three full chambers...
  5. Paul Brown

    Chair cleaning with Mytee stair tool

    Friday I cleaned 199 chairs and 5500 sf of carpet. I lined up 144 of the chairs in two long rows and used my Mytee Carbon tube stair tool to extract the seats...took about 15 minutes for all of them, then went back with the Mytee dry tool to do the backs. There were another 55 chairs with wax. I...
  6. Paul Brown

    Emergency Call Yesterday

    It was warm here yesterday, about 85 deg F. I was tired from the last four days working dawn to dark on taxes to finish on time. I had two small jobs scheduled 40 miles apart...was just finishing the second one at about 4 pm and got a panic and tearful call from a client that while she was...
  7. Paul Brown

    I'm done with this board

    It 's been interesting, I wish you all well. Time to take care of business. Goodbye
  8. Paul Brown

    Tired VCT

    One of my old friends has a machine shop where they make bicycle hubs, crankset, free wheels, for you fixie guys...White Industries. Doug and I used to work together in a bike shop in the 1970's along with Gary Fisher. Doug called and asked me if I'd like to clean up a couple floors for him...
  9. Paul Brown

    New Mytee Upholstery tool

    My new Mytee dry upholstery tool arrived yesterday. Mytee shipped it out overnight so I'd have a chance to get used to it before cleaning some really expensive furniture on an estate in the Napa Valley Monday and Tuesday. We have a sofa that was given to us by my wife's grandmother's sister 38...
  10. Paul Brown

    Christmas in February...Mytee T Rex Jr has arrived!

    UPS dropped off a box late this afternoon, a new TRex Junior that I get a chance to evaluate. It was swathed in bubble wrap and fun to unclothe..... a screw fell out of the bubble wrap ... it was the first slightly disturbing sign.... i put it aside. Pictures don't do this robust little beast...
  11. Paul Brown

    Does anyone have experience with ESD stripping and waxing?

    One of my bigger facilities asked me if I'd like to bid on waxing two computer labs with ESD finishes. I've been reading up on the process, but have no idea what the going rate is for stripping and recoating with electrostatic discharge finish. I do know the products cost about 40% more than...
  12. Paul Brown

    Big John G speaking at ICE

    I'm looking forward to hearing big John Guerkink speaking about the history of OP at the upcoming ICE show in Las Vegas at the end of the month.... Should be educational and fun. I've had the pleasure of arguing with John for a long time...I have to say I really like my Trinity machines. I'm...
  13. Paul Brown

    Trinity Renewal Systems Comes Through!

    I've had a ocassional problem for about 6 months with My Trinity Freedom clicking the overload protector. I mentioned it to John Guerkink in passing that the clicking off made me trust it less even though I love the results..... and today a new brand new Leeson Motor arrived on my doorstep! Wow...
  14. Paul Brown

    Glad pads back in stock.

    i got a call from Trinity Renewal Systems yesterday....Glad pads are back in stock. I waited two months for the order to come in, I had enough but bought another 25 so that should last me for a while. These work great in residential under a rotary machine as well.
  15. Paul Brown

    Trinity Profit For Sale

    Hi Guys, I'm putting my Trinity Profit up for sale. It was the last Profit built. I used it for about three weeks thinking about converting it to wheels down…I talked to John about that. He said he was finishing up the first Freedom prototype and would I like it? I bought it, set up a spray...
  16. Paul Brown

    New Coffee Roaster!

    Couldn't resist! I found a new vehicle to open client doors…Hot Coffee! I bought a Sonofresco Coffee Roaster with bluetooth ARD Advanced Roasting Definition so I can program the roast length and temperature rise of your coffee bean roasting on my laptop. I'm going to start selling freshly...
  17. Paul Brown

    Worst this year.... So far!

    One of my good friends, an amazing painter and musical instrument repairman on short notice had to move. His wife has kidney failure and has been going through dialysis. He's extremely busy with his repair and paint shop being self employed so could I come and clean the carpets after they moved...
  18. Paul Brown

    BonnetPro Revive-it in Action

    Child Development center in Emeryville...there are four classrooms at this center for preschool kids. Lots of crafts, food and projects. Bonnetpro Revive-it at 6 oz a gallon, put down with a rubber bonded white pad, post bonneted with Bonnetpro cotton/ poly tuway pads. I used my Mytee Dual...
  19. Paul Brown

    Rubber-backed Kid Area Carpets......Run!

    I got a call yesterday from a Mall that I clean in Daly City...when could I come over and clean the corporate offices and a couple carpeted areas in the Mall? I was cleaning the former Mayor's house in Ross, CA and said I could be there tonight. "Fine! Thanks, Paul." I got over there and the...
  20. Paul Brown

    Visit to Organic Compounds, Long Beach

    Since I'm down in San Pedro this week seeing family and welcoming a new granddaughter into the world, I I drove over to Organic Compounds yesterday to see the boys and pick up some chemicals. Joel showed me a couple machines that are up for sale with rebuilt Nissan motors, everything else new...
  21. Paul Brown

    A Tough Job, part 1

    I last cleaned for this client 8 years ago. That was the last time these carpets were cleaned. She has two cats and a dog and an Oreck vacuum.... Need I say more. They were horrendously dirty. The pictures of the soil present were taken after I had vacuumed with both the Kirby and Dyson... The...
  22. Paul Brown

    30 mile Ride on my Track bike "Fixie"

    I'm a little stiiff this morning from a busy week, going to ride about 30 miles on my old Ron Cooper Track bike, fixed hub, 75" gear no hand brakes....just me slowing it down with reversing power with the old legs. It loosens my low back like no other exercise I do. Anyone here have a...
  23. Paul Brown

    Prescrubbing with the Trinity before vacuuming

    A couple photos here shows how effective scrubbing with a large orbit OP does to loosen soils and embedded debris before vacuuming. This client has a Newfoundland..."Tanker". I got a 13 gallon trash bag FULL of hair on this job.
  24. Paul Brown


    I bought my Trinity Freedom last year in October and have used it for quite a few jobs, both commercial and residential. I noticed the bearing was starting to sound dry and was getting rougher. When I had a bike shop I used to drill tiny holes in the headcups, pedals and hubs on mountain bikes...
  25. Paul Brown

    Trinity Freedom noise reduction

    My Freedom has been slowly getting louder, more metallic sounding and I decided to check it out. The motor frame was tight, the handle was tight, but I took up the slack in the wheel pivot frame and that made it quiet again. All that high speed shaking created a little gap between the frame...