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  1. AffordableCarpetCare

    Rude customers

    Good for here. Agree completely. There is no reason to be rude. My wife and I both own businesses. We learned long ago some people just arent worth it. The customer is always right, except when they aren't!
  2. AffordableCarpetCare

    Are you vaccinated?

    No and not going to be. No customers have ever asked if i was. Only ever had 2 residential customers ask us to wear masks
  3. AffordableCarpetCare

    Help me choose a new swivel wand!

    I put my hands on both Tony Dang wand and TMF wand here at experience. I ordered TMF swivel hands down smoother swivel, looks better and feels better built.
  4. AffordableCarpetCare

    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    I would much rather take my chances with the virus than the vaccine. The virus has a much better survival rate
  5. AffordableCarpetCare

    What worker shortage???

    Yeah its horrible here. You were close pigeon forge only about 3 hours from us we go up there all the time
  6. AffordableCarpetCare

    Rob could make a killing...

    Someone already did, Sentinel, Waste Tank Odor Puck, Odor Eliminator With Foam Control
  7. AffordableCarpetCare

    What’s the main causes of callbacks?

    One word . . . EMPLOYEES. . . You can teach and train them.They know how to do job properly but won't unless your on site babysitting them.
  8. AffordableCarpetCare

    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    Houses selling quick here but its bad for cleaning biz. They selling 30-50k over asking, no inspection, no cleaning. Listed less than day typically have multiple offers
  9. AffordableCarpetCare

    Seized titan 575 blower

    Awesome glad you were able to save it
  10. AffordableCarpetCare

    water pressure

    I ran larger plumbing to mine. 3/8" instead of 1/4". Helped alot but still run out on tile jobs running spinner and hydrofoce at same time for extended periods
  11. AffordableCarpetCare

    Seized titan 575 blower

    Since its just been in your garage i assume your not depending on it for use quite yet. . .If it were mine I would try soaking it down with PB blaster and let that soak into it and try to get it moving . I found out hard way years ago that my machine doesn't have a filter in tank and at time I...
  12. AffordableCarpetCare

    Seized titan 575 blower

    Les Jones. Has a video on youtube how to unseiz a blower with a block of wood. Try spraying some penetrating our into it and use large pliers on the pulley if can access it turn both ways until it moves has worked for me before but was just from sitting overnight not long term
  13. AffordableCarpetCare

    Help me pick out a new wrap

    Agree with the bottom also, like that it ties the cab and box together. Others look like logo on cab was an afterthought. Not just in your designs but in others i have seen as well.
  14. AffordableCarpetCare

    CRB on trashed wood floors

    I use my multiwash for hardwood and it does great but it's a CRB that picks up water as it goes. I mop on hydrofoce wood fresh. Run multiwash then hot clearwater mop. Have done the finish after but having to stay off for 24 hours is killer on occupied. I price starting @ .75 sqft to clean and...
  15. AffordableCarpetCare

    High pressure line left a mark

    Can clean it again slow with high heat to reset the heatset. I've never had an issue of it not coming out
  16. AffordableCarpetCare

    Pump clutch question.

    It should not have been drawing in the off position. Mine does not(Judson TNT). If your clutch disengaged the pump would not turn at all.
  17. AffordableCarpetCare

    Pump clutch question.

    On my mount when clutch is off pump does not turn at all and pulls no water. Curious how if switch turns pressure on gauge off it would still be pumping?
  18. AffordableCarpetCare

    If you're not color sealing, you're missing out on easy $ and ecstatic customers

    I have same question. Shower they put in my house last year they are going to "grout paint" cause color don't match. . . I believe they used different grout when filling holes in original grout job. Installer says grout inconsistent cause of hard water and can never have an even color in our...
  19. AffordableCarpetCare

    6 weeks in, need more customers

    I'd rather have good restaurant account than prop management, easier to clean and better more steady money. Stay away from chain restaurants, go to your local owned restaurants and hit them up, try to get them to clean on regular schedule. Mine range from every 2 weeks to every 3 mos depending...
  20. AffordableCarpetCare

    How much $$$ per hour

    This is exactly how i do my commercial estimates... I look at and measure everything, but when i figure it i figure how long and how much supplies will take to do the job... Residential is per sqft but that rate can vary depending on conditions.
  21. AffordableCarpetCare

    How much $$$ per hour

    We try to gross about $100 hr of on job time. That being said sometimes it's higher sometimes lower. Quality comes first. If have to spend more time scrubbing or spotting than anticipated our hourly goes down but the customer still gets the best quality.
  22. AffordableCarpetCare

    Cool Cuffs ? ? ? Whatta ya know ? ? ?

    I use flash cuffs as well, all ours leak around the button as well as the seam in the joint. Hose runs under 200' its prob not alot of loss but annoying. On our long hose runs I tape all the joints to seal them.. Bought a handful of the cool cuffs to test and really like them. Planning on...
  23. AffordableCarpetCare

    Conventions and Trade Shows

    The experience coming up april 19th-21st Charleston SC i believe
  24. AffordableCarpetCare

    C-19 Vax-Are you getting it? Good for marketing?

    No!!. wouldn't even consider it. If tech wants to thats up to him.