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  1. Ed Valentine

    Wishing all of you the very best!

    After near 48 years in this great Industry of ours, it has come time for me to retire and stand on the sidelines. This company which I worked so very hard to build and gain a great reputation over all, Cross-American Corporation was recently purchased by a European firm who will take very good...
  2. Ed Valentine

    CleanStorm 12-6800AFAD Vs. Mytee Vortex Lite

    Bet your demand on amps are more than 15. Better double check.
  3. Ed Valentine

    Elections have business consequences

    Please forward this to AOC and the green algae bad deal.
  4. Ed Valentine

    Elections have business consequences

    Minimum Wages should be set by the economy and not fictitiously set on the discretion of the Politicians. Because in doing so, prices on products go up (ex: a simple hamburger) and worker layoff increase/unemployment. Again, this is Econ 101.
  5. Ed Valentine

    2020 Election Results Poll

    No doubt that many are not aware (thanks to the media!-lol) that the Democrats filed 100 law suits prior to and during the election.
  6. Ed Valentine

    How'd you get started in cleaning industry?

    Pushed my (University) 1968 beater car up and into the parking lot of the bank. The year: 1971) Went inside, using that car as collateral (!!!) , got a $5,000 loan. Purchased machine and a new van. Knocked on doors.......... 48 years later, sold the manufacturing business. Enjoying the lounge...
  7. Ed Valentine

    Little something about me people don’t know

    One exception: people in Bangladeshi sure don't look healthy! "just saying.............................................."
  8. Ed Valentine

    2020 Election Results Poll

    I'm voting for Johnny Bravo in 2024 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you get your Master Degree at?!!! Great post
  9. Ed Valentine

    How much did it cost you start your carpet cleaning business?

    First machine: $2400.00 Brand new Ford Van off the showroom floor: $2700.00 Hey, that was back in 1972
  10. Ed Valentine


    When was the last time you cleaned your office? My gosh. We just did a through cleaning; throwing this and that away----you know, all those articles, bits and pieces "you just had to save!" I mean it had some value, right? We must have filled up box after box after box, ready for the burn...
  11. Ed Valentine

    "Lost History"

    Thanks, Tom. The above list was only the makers of carpet extraction equipment. However, you did bring up another important company, maker of cleaning agents.
  12. Ed Valentine

    "Lost History"

    I suggest you keep this because I'll bet I could be one of the very few that remember: Here are a few companies who no longer exists that I remember (over the past 48 years) for whatever the reason. This is part of our "History" (and probably long forgotten). 1. Mr. Steam (CO) 2.Bee Clean...
  13. Ed Valentine

    Grease Eraser is no more!

    Gordan at Chemeister might have sold their formulas (and not their labels) to another company and may not have been of liberty (as per specific contracts btw) to divulge who the purchaser was. This happens more than one might expect. Just a thought.
  14. Ed Valentine

    Is it really not as effective to have a portable unit vs one mounted in a van?

    Depending on the particular "portable" you consider, they can be just as effective, period. Ed Valentine
  15. Ed Valentine

    What do you do when you get a carpet that you keep getting dirt out of?

    Oxifresh recommendation using a Rotary is correct, IMHO. Then follow up with a rinse. Futher, with the blue colored carpeting such as that one, the "traffic pattern" may never look, Clean, because it has been discolored by oils tracked in on the bottom of their work shoes.
  16. Ed Valentine

    Visit a communist country, talk to those people.

    My brother was in Moscow sight seeing. People were coming up to him offering to purchase his shoes and blue jeans! He said the shelves over there were bare. But, Putin and his cronies keep siphoning off the top and is worth Billions! That's in every socialist/communist country too! Another...
  17. Ed Valentine

    How to compete with big franchises

    Sales in any industry is the same: Convincing the customer that your product or service is the best. ("If it were me" I would focus on:) "I want you to realize that I am the owner; not just a 2 or 3 week employee. This is my business; this is the only thing I have known how to do for the...
  18. Ed Valentine

    Pumptec m58 motor wiring.

    You may want to consider: .135 instead.
  19. Ed Valentine

    Pumptec m58 motor wiring.

    Make sure you have the proper Cam Bearing if running on 230-240v !
  20. Ed Valentine

    Jaguar CUB unleashed!

    Thanks for your purchase!
  21. Ed Valentine

    First time carpet cleaning.

    I'm staying out of this one!-lol!
  22. Ed Valentine

    Endeavor 9001 HSH

    Select a portable with terrific performance in terms of: Vacuum & Pressure. Eliminate any "heat features"! (This feature takes away from overall performance in a portable) Hope this helps; Ed Valentine cross-american corp
  23. Ed Valentine

    Name some “odd” things you’ve cleaned

    Rob; I remember a Dairy Farmer asking me to use our HWE process to clean a couple of Cows including one of his Bulls. This was back in the mid-70's. (He was such a kind & hard working older Gentleman that I could not feel good charging him. He loved his Cattle) They came out great! Ed...