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  1. hurricanecc

    Black in solution line

    When I prime the solution line for the first job of the day on my 870, I’ll see clear water followed by white and then black and then back to clear. What the black coming from, is it a warning sign?
  2. hurricanecc

    Waste water coming out of the exhaust

    I own an 870ss truckmount and for some reason waste water comes out of the exhaust when the water is approximately 4-6 inches below the actual float kill switch and there’s no foam either. Any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks
  3. hurricanecc

    Blue stone

    I’m attempting to clean some blue stone slate in a club house. I attempted to clean an area with oxy blaster. Once the floor dried it left cleaning marks and a remaining white haze. I presprayed, scrubbed with a cimex and rinsed with a sx12 with plain water, both at 500 and 900 psi and fan dried...
  4. hurricanecc

    Dry kids slime

    Has anyone had any luck with removing dry kids slime from carpets?
  5. hurricanecc

    Swirl marks

    Had a call back. Swirl marks left on the tile, as if the sx12 was moved around to quickly or used to low of a water pressure. I pre sprayed, scrubbed and used an sx12 again at 1,000 psi, but the marks remained. Any ideas or comments?
  6. hurricanecc

    Spinner marks on tile.

    I got a call back stating that one room of tile had funny marks on the them, which I had cleaned the day prior. As you can see from the posted pic, it looks like I just moved the sx12 to fast, not giving it time to get the best coverage. I pre-sprayed, scrubbed and used the sx12 again. The marks...
  7. hurricanecc

    Isuzu npr gas line kit

    Hi, I’m switching my 870ss over into an Isuzu npr gas engine truck. Has anyone on here hooked up the gas line kit to their tanks ? I’m curious what kit would work best or any other ideas that they’ve done.
  8. hurricanecc

    Has anyone tried matrix maxflex pre spray yet?

    I received a container this week and I have to say this stuff works awesome on trashed apts.
  9. hurricanecc

    1 question about our health in this industry.

    I just wanted to know if people on this site would like to answer 1 question that could be very important to our healths. Are there any carpet cleaners that have been diagnosed with asthma or other lung issues, since you've been cleaning. We breath pre- sprays in all day long, can it be...