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  1. mikecrim

    suggestion of a price for Prochem Performer 805

    Hello, I'm looking at buying a Prochem Performer 805. It's just the machine and waste tank (not truck). 2500 hours and seems to be in good working condition. The fellow is asking me to give him an offer. Does anyone have an idea of what this may be worth? Many thanks for any help you can give...
  2. mikecrim

    Confused about liability insurance - help!

    I'm finally launching out on my own and I'm confused about liability insurance. My understanding is that general liability insurance covers things like breaking your customer's $20K vase or doing something that somehow burns the customer's house down. Am I correct so far? Someone told me however...
  3. mikecrim

    does anyone have a jetless upholstery tool they are interested in selling?

    I'm interested in a Drimaster 2 or 3, a Sapphire Scientific upholstery tool or something like that. Thanks
  4. mikecrim

    Does anyone know of any good bidding software?

    Does anyone know if there's any good bidding software out there for commercial and residential carpet and hard surface cleaning? I came across CleanBid and thought that was interesting. Was just wondering if anyone knew of anything else. Thanks for your help, Mike
  5. mikecrim

    Newbie asking, "What would you do in my situation?"

    Hello, First, thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to share their knowledge and take the time to help me out and point me in the right direction! Here's my situation: I've been out of work, for the first time in my life and it's pretty much destroyed our finances (am struggling to...
  6. mikecrim

    Is there an add-on that makes a portable auto-fill / auto-dump?

    Is there some kind of add-on kit that makes a portable auto-fill / auto-dump (meaning for a portable that wasn't originally manufacturered that way)? Are there any draw-back to doing this? Many thanks, Mike