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    Prochem Legend Oil Leak List

    I thought I had a leak on my Legend GT with just 220 hours. Determined the oil filter had vibrated loose. I changed the oil and filter and now I haven’t been having issues yet. I know you said yours leaked like the Valdez, @RobAllen. Hoping mine last for many years. Thanks for being willing to...
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    Ice melt nightmare. Help!

    Thanks for your help. I had a gallon of rocket on the truck and it took it all right out. I had switched to bonnet pro powder radical rinse for low moisture and it does great on a lot of stuff, but not what I needed on this ice melt. Thanks again!
  3. IowaHealthyHomes

    Ice melt nightmare. Help!

    It’s a calcium chloride ice melt.
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    Ice melt nightmare. Help!

    We have had major issues with ice melt at a corporate account. They have walk off mat inside the doors that is black and now the ice melt is making terrible grease looking spots. The pictures below are what it looks like after extracting with flex and rinsing with ProChem all fiber rinse...
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    Vibe carpet brush

    We use both on large commercial jobs. Cimex is great in the wide open areas that aren’t too dirty. We use the vibe and pad areas that are worse like under desks, around coffee stations or drink stations, and in high traffic areas like exterior doors and warehouse entry points into offices.
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    ProChem Legend GT shuts down

    For the last week my new GT keeps shutting down after start up around 10 minutes after running. I have to go out and restart it, and then it runs great for the whole job. Can’t figure out what would be causing this. Only 115 hours on the machine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    ProChem Legend GT exhaust port oil

    It’s not a moisture but I noticed a few drops of oil when I went to shut it down today after a job
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    ProChem Legend GT exhaust port oil

    I recently bought a ProChem Legend GT with only 25 hours. I’m loving it so far. Today I did notice a few drops of oil dripping from the exhaust port and was wondering if that is normal from spraying WD-40 into the blower grease intake at the end of the night? I have been doing it daily and today...
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    What part do I need to replace?

    I have a steady stream of water that runs out of the pressure regulator on my ProChem blazer plus. Doesn't affect anything but I have to have a bucket under it to collect the water. Do I just need to replace the regulator? If so, anyone know of a place to get one? Thanks! I can't get a pic to...
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    Orbot Vibe for Sale

    Does that include shipping?
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    Tried out Revive iT Rocket.

    So your post says it does NOT include the new rocket and oxy spotter? Or was it supposed to say that all your stock is NOW the new...? Sorry if I'm just confused
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    Please help me to confirm if my Rotovac 360i's jet can be replaced

    The jets are the brass heads that water is shot through. You are talking about vacuum slots I assume as they look very rough. Not sure if you can replace the teflon heads you have now with the swoop heads in the picture below as I have never owned a head with the teflon guides. I think you...
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    Anyone selling a trinity???

    I may have a Trinity Profit for sale. Would you be interested in something like that. I should know next week if I am going to sell it or not. Have to wait to make a decision after trying another machine
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    ORBOT VIBE Special Introductory Offer!!!

    Just talked to Nick at Orbot USA. The 1400 is for international customers who plug into a 230v power source. He said this motor is the exact same motor on the sprayborg. He's going to text me a video of the machine running on Carpet and I will try to post it so guys can see it running.
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    In-line filter with booster

    I always thought you weren't supposed to run a booster with a Truckmount? Doesn't the mytee booster for example say to not use with a truckmount?
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    Losing psi

    I second checking the screen filter in the bottom of your water box. Box can be full but machine may not be able to suck enough water through the filter to keep up with pump demand. I had this happen as well and that fixed it
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    360i. No question. It's like you want a 1997 Ford Mustang or a 2015 Ford Mustang? There is a reason that new stuff comes out every year. It gets better... I have a 360i and it is great. You will need to practice a bit to learn the ins and outs of it. Just take time to notice things...
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    ISO: used Zipper Wand

    I'm looking for a good used Zipper wand. I can't afford a new one so hoping someone may have a good used one available. Shoot me a message. Thanks in advance!
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    Rotovac dirt cheap

    I bought one for $3500 4 years ago. Had hardly any issues and have made a few hundred thousand in jobs with that machine! I'm saving for a new Legend now, but not because of any issues with my blazer plus. Can't go wrong.
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    Used Rotovac 360 thoughts

    The 360i has an easy adjustment system to put the handles up and down for different heights. It's got a better motor and vacuum hose system with a sight tube. Plus most of the time you will find the swoop head on the 360i which will slide better over the carpets. It's a major tool in my vans. I...
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    Bonnet Cleaning in Mason City, Ia?

    I'm very familiar with the processes available and I do many of them, this is just for a person over 200 miles away from me..way out of my area. Thanks though