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    Advanced Matador on carpets

    Are there any reasons you shouldn’t use a floor buffer like a matador on carpets or rugs? Or should I stick to a CRB?
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    Rug Pit

    I’m super excited to finally get a 1800sqf shop to use for my business. I want to add a rug pit and I’ll build it out of 4 inch PVC. What’s a good liner to use on the on the pipes ? Also, looking for suggestions on what Chems to have on hand for each of these ? Oriental Rugs Persian...
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    Dark tile, left visibble marks

    Tile spinner left micro scratches on the surface and couple of deeper white surface scratches. Is there any way to correct this?
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    Pressure failure

    Hey guys, I bought a new APEX 570 truckmount system a little over a year ago. New tanks, new pump new hoses, everything was new. Currently it has about 320 hours on it. About every 10-20 hours of use mid job I lose pressure and I can’t get it back. Sometimes if I shut the machine down and...
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    No frost next week!

    Shout out to all the western Ontario and maybe Michigan people who are going to be parking their vans at home for the first time since last November next week!
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    How would you clean this tile?

    Hey so at my 9am this morning I was cleaning tile which was about 5 years old. No matter what I threw at the grout it would not clean. In fact the parts of the tile which were dry looked like I barely hit them at all. Maybe the sealer somehow got in the way? How could I improve on this job?
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    High pressure line left a mark

    will this come on its own or is there anything I can do?
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    Cananda land is straight up gone

    Ontario is under stay at home orders. My neighbour just texted me saying it looks like we’re having a party. We have our parents over for dinner. That’s it. Someone talk me out of packing my stuff and moving to Florida. I have my truckmount, my wife is a nurse. We have family down there. We...
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    The EV moments has arrived Who will build the first to build a truckmount for this
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    Mobile Point is Sale system

    I did a search but could not find anything. What do you guys use for mobile point of sales system. Bonus points if you’re in Canada, as that’s where I am. Squarup seems like a convention system but I couldn’t find a way for customers to add tips, you would have to do it manually.
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    Mildew smell on sectional

    I have a customer who stored her sectional in a garage for 2 years and now has a pretty strong mildew smell. I steamed the sectional and pretty much got it back to looking like brand new condition but the smell still lingers. Any ideas on how to get rid of it ??
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    Advertising with golf coruses

    Does anyone have any experience with advertising on golf course guide? I have the opportunity to place a small add for about $350 USD on a busy local golf course. The demographic seems to fit. Does anyone have experience with this?
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    Fine spray bottle for fabric protection application

    What’s your favourite fine tip spray bottle for fabric protection?
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    Link exchange

    Is anyone here interested in doing a link exchange which will hopefully boost both of our rankings?
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    Coffee stain on rug

    I’ve thrown everything I can at this coffee stain and it’s not going away. Any ideas on how I could get it out.
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    Tesla Van truckmount

    Imagine you have a 1 ton Tesla pure electric van, 600 miles range, 120 kw battery and 2 240 volt outlets to play with for power. Tesla comes with an LTE wireless connection to your car which could, through Bluetooth connect to your machine giving you control from your smart phone. Can you set up...
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    Tons of hair in the carpet.

    Hey, so I did a carpet today which didn’t have too many stains but they obviously don’t do regular vacuuming. Also, their Furnace air filter hasn’t been changed in a long time. Vacuumed, presprayed, raked then did the extraction. The carpet still looked not clean. I got closer started rubbing my...
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    Upholstery tool water not hot

    Hi guys, I’m running my temprature on hot. Psi around 400, 100 ft high pressure line but the water on my upholstery tool never comes out steaming hot. It’s like Luke warm. Is there anything I can do to trouble shoot? When running my carpet wand it’s fine.
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    Overflow water leak

    Hey guys, I have water leaking out of my overflow faucet. My recovery tank is empty and my freshwater tank is about 50%. My gut feeling is that it’s the overflow switch but I’m not sure how to trouble shoot it. Any ideas or hints?
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    Do you use a contact form on your website?

    I’ve gotten about 10 messages from my contact form over the past week but only converted 1 to a job. I feel like I would do better over the phone. Do you use a contact form or do you prefer if a customer calls or txts you ?
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    Newbie seeking help

    Hey guys, could use some help here. No matter why I hit this darker spot with it wouldn’t go away. Right after steaming it seemed like it’s gone but after10-15 minutes it would reappear. Is it possible to get rid of this?
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    How Big is the Carpet Cleaning Industry in North America?

    Looking for some macro level statistics. How big is the carpet cleaning industry and how many truck mounts are sold each year? move done a bit of googling but havent been able to find anything.
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    Officially made my first dollar today

    I got not 1 but 2 paid gigs today. Total revenue $240. Gotta start somewhere. Thanks for all the advice guys. Keep it coming. See you in Vegas next year!
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    Is this too much for a logo?

    Things are moving along in my little adventure. Nailed down my van and the machine I’m getting installed. Now for some branding. Do you guys think this is too much for a logo? Should I stick to something more traditional?