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  1. vzwjustin

    Mytee Airhog 7303LX

    So… I recently purchased a brand new Airhog 7303lx. It may just be me, but shouldn’t the vacuums be making the ramp up noise when the vacuum port is restricted? My other vacuum motors do. Is this the way it should be? The suction isn’t great like I thought it was going to be compared to my other...
  2. vzwjustin

    portable Sandia 80-2100

    Hey, y'all I just purchased the "Sandia 80-2100 non-heated Sniper 12-Gallon" that I got on a REALLY good deal. The unit is ok, but it seems it doesn't provide enough cleaning power as the carpet sometimes is clearly still wet even after multiple dry passes with a 1.5" 25ft hose on multiple...