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  1. jack zerkie

    seat belt

    Hi looking for parts for my 04 chevy express 2500 the seat belt receiver is broken the rest of the belt works fine. The dealer is $ 140. just for the receiver. Nothing in junk yard usable. Thank you for any info. jz
  2. jack zerkie

    Secret Formula

    Hi Rob just wondering about secret formula. I read the label and says it's for extraction. That's fine but wondered if it will foam up enough to really use as a shampoo for very delicate material . Sometime I use a mit or brush to apply keeping the moisture to a minimum not chancing damage to...
  3. jack zerkie

    engine temp gauge

    Is there a temp gauge for kohler 20 hp air cooled would like to know operating temp. Thank you . jz
  4. jack zerkie

    Truckmount tools

    used equipment 1 original roto vac good condition $ 650.00 1Hydramaster RX 20 with extra stiff floor brush $ 1200.00 1 Hydramaster rotary dri extractor $ 975.00 1 175 rotary with tank 1hp strong unit with alum floor brush. $650.00 All items in good working condition Located in Ft Myers Fl...
  5. jack zerkie

    New furniture tool

    Just received my new rotovac clear furniture tool. This is my second tool I also have the original. I just cleaned 6 sofas and 4 large chairs for a commercial account. I cleaned them outside in a garage in 95 deg. temp but that's were they wanted them cleaned. The new tool works great like the...
  6. jack zerkie

    175 or orbot

    Going to strip & seal a lot of vct flooring with black pads and wondered if one machine is better production time . Thank you jz.
  7. jack zerkie

    zip 91740

    Who lives and works in 91740 area my friend needs his carpets cleaned . Please let me know. Thank you jz.
  8. jack zerkie

    CX 15

    Thinking of a CX 15 to use along with all my other must have tools. Have you used the CX 15 and what are your thoughts ? Thank you .z.
  9. jack zerkie

    Whats your flow ?

    I always carry a extra wand just incase. Iv,e been cleaning some trashed units. I use a LOT of pretreat and use a wand with 2= 110-05 moves a lot of water but really cleans great results, just wondering whats your flow? jz
  10. jack zerkie

    Wood area cpt

    What is the best method to clean a wood, bamboo area cpt not very dirty. Truckmount clean or encapulation method. Thank you ! jz.
  11. jack zerkie

    Hydramaster 470D for sale

    Hydramaster 470D 3cyclinder water cooled, 47 blower has 3thousand hours. Great machine I,m the only owner no employees asking $8500 Will be at interlink in Fort Myers Fl. next week. email jack z @ [email protected] or #239-549-7701
  12. jack zerkie

    new guy,old carpet cleaner

    Hello I,m Jack Zerkie in Cape Coral,Fort Myers Florida. Moved here in 1980 and purchased Hughes Cpt. cleaning and love to clean dirty white carpet, no employees just Jack.Been cleaning for 27 years,and just turned 66 in Jan. I still love to clean really dirty jobs and see the results. So keep...