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  1. Maninpc

    New Tm Hours?

    So I just got a new Diamond TM GTXR Plus and on the day of pick up it already had 17 hours on it? It was running when I arrived to pick up my van and when I mention it to the install tech he said ths was normal? Did I just get sold a used TM?
  2. Maninpc

    Lowest profile tile wand today in 2020?

    So I've been using the sx-12 for years but she needs to retire and she's just a little too tall to get under some of those cabinets. I heard Mytee has lower profile but has some "lifting" off the floor issues if going under tables etc. how about HF's tile wand or maybe some type of knock off.
  3. Maninpc

    Looking to get a new 370ss

    Any advice? How quiet is it? I do a lot of Tile and grout cleaning and restaurants.
  4. Maninpc

    Water residue???

    So I've been noticing lately im getting a slight residue or halo in some areas that are cleaned and now I got my first complaint about it! usually it will buff out with a towel. Time to take a serious look into the issue. At first i just thought it was just some hard water residue... BUT, I...
  5. Maninpc

    Torn Between Orbot or Brush Pro

    I'm really torn on either purchasing the Orbot Vibe or the Brush Pro (not the TM model) I do a lot of tile & grout, but I'm going to expand into the commercial carpet cleaning. I think the BP would be great for Pile lifting and pit washing. the Orbot seems way more versatile. I know one is more...
  6. Maninpc

    Florida air duct cleaning.

    It has been brought to my attention that in the state of Florida. YOU CAN'T clean air ducts unless you have a hvac license.
  7. Maninpc

    Questions on how to handle being sub contacting company.

    Hello, I received a email from a national cleaning company today. They would like my company to place a bid for cleaning several establishment for another company they have an account with in my area . Im looking at @ 5k for this job. Usually I'm reluctant to sub contract, but things have...