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    Legend XL check valve teflon seat size

    Was wondering what the outer and inner diameter of the teflon seat in a legend xl is? I'm looking at replacing it - and I don't want to have to go through the local supplier.
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    Facebook Advertising - Advertising only to women 28 - 60

    So I'm running a Facebook sponsored ad. Didn't get any response for the first two days. Changing the targeting to women only with a tight age range. We're doing an ad for urine removal only. We have a Dog on a carpet with a urine spot, A UV light showing the same (no dog), a water claw tool...
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    Viper Peroxibrite CTG - anyone use this.

    Just wondering if Viper Peroxibrite CTG is any good. Looking at using it to demonstrate at a small grocery store. Wondering if I need to pack anything stronger on the truck...
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    Canadian Pricing - Tile & Grout Cleaning

    I want to know how much my regional non-competitors charge for overnight restaurant tile and grout floor cleaning charge (I'm in Alberta). I bid a job at 72 cents a square foot for a commercial job - small restaurant. I put in a 20% discount for rights to use video from the job (sign a release)...
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    My first tile & grout demo for customer.

    I'm doing my first estimate and demo for a commercial customer in town. Burger joint chain that isn't McDonalds. My tools here are a Prochem Legend XL, Hydroforce SX-15, CRB machine, grout scrubber, airmovers etc. Legend XL max psi is only 1000, I'm thinking of running at 8-900 for most of the...
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    Bypassing chem pump on Prochem Legend XL

    Looking to build a kit that removes the chem pump and bypasses (or loops the fluids). Reason is I want to run at just under 1000 psi and I don't want to damage the diaphram, or chemical pump. Any ideas?
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    Where to get Judson Chemicals in Canada?

    Would like to get Judson Chemicals in Canada? Can't buy them from their site (lower 48 states only). Do they have a Canadian distributor?
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    Stickyness to carpets

    So after having jobs where the customer is satisfied but I've felt that the carpet could be softer, I'm thinking about doing something a little different. I'm going to try mixing my pre-sprays lighter than recommended (applying more in heavy soil areas), and diluting my rinse agent more, or...
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    Getting that hourly up

    So I've read "The efficiency thread" and "$100/hr..." I've got some work to do. The other day I did a house, 5 rooms and a staircase. Took me 7 hours from setup to pack-up. I didn't have my helper (casual labor friend of mine). After my first-time customer discount 15%, I got $312.00. Customer...
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    Jute backing vs Jute Rug

    Are rugs with jute backing (and polypropylene fibre) able to be steam cleaned?
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    Proplyene rug with hot water extraction?

    Have a request to do a small area rug. Have some enviro friendly pre-spray and rinse. Can I boost my prespray with a bit of Boost-All or is that a no-dice thing. It has some spots on it - I don't really want to go berserk with the chemistry. Just want the lightest touch method of doing this with...
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    How many feet of hose run out of a Prochem Legend XL?

    I'm new to this business and have been doing fairly well on startup here. Been 100% single family residential, but was wondering how many feet up I can run from my Prochem Legend XL. All of my jobs have been under 200 ft of hose run and it's been working good? Could I run another 100 ft? At...
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    Looking for SX-15 tile cleaning picture

    Was looking for a free hydroforce SX-15 tile cleaning photo for my site. Can't find one. Anyone have any ideas?
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    House Call Pro Website Builder? Any Good?

    I love Housecall Pro as my CRM. I'm thinking of ditching Wordpress.... it's utter garbage, I haven't been able to get what I want out of it in months. Still not up. Thinking of taking my domain to Housecall Pro's website builder and just doing a simple page. Is this the best way to start? Need...
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    How much area does it take you to fill your recovery tank?

    I got a 60 gallon recovery tank. I find that after one bigger sized house (3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 halls and 2 flights of stairs), my recovery tank is nearly full. Is this about right?
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    Doing an Encap Treatment on stairs after HWE

    So many moons ago (about a decade), I worked with a company that did mostly commercial work and some VLM bonnet cleaning, in addition to portable traditional carpet cleaning. I'm finding stairs are the bain of my existence now as a residential owner/operator using a truckmount and hot water...
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    Olefin Berber - what's your secret with this

    I just did a three bedroom house with staircase and the carpets were fairly old olefin berber. I used E-steam Suspend Free Prespray, and Prochem all fibre rinse. Used light agitation (Host T6 as CRB) and plenty of dwell. I found I really had to slow down my rinsing and often double rinse before...
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    So I have a ton of soot of the Heat Ex Modules on my Legend XL

    I want to know how I can quickly and safely remove the carbon off those fins.....
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    Legend XL Heat Exchanger Models

    My 2007 Legend XL isn't holding heat as well as I think it should be, I notice the furthest to the exhaust heat exchanger fitting is hot to the touch and the one nearest the panel is warm but not as hot as it should be. I'm using the standard prochem wand (no glide, quad jet) and notice to...
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    Prochem Legend XL paired with Hydroforce CX15

    Was wondering if my truckmount (Legend XL from 07) has enough heat and power to be running a Hydroforce CX15? Looking to upgrade from my standard wand (takes too long - does dry carpets well though).
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    Changing Thermo relief valve from 145 to 165

    I have a prochem legend XL. The thermo-relief valve at 145 bypasses to much water and i fill my recovery tank far too quick. I wonder if I could switch to a 165 valve and not damage the seals. Part of the problem is the van is insulated (I'm in Canada) and heat builds up. Also considering...
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    Crazy stupid modification or Crazy genius?

    So I've got a prochem legend xl with a dodgy thermo relief valve. I was thinking of plugging the inlet on the waste tank for hot water dump/bypass and then installing a replacement inlet of the water box. This way instead of that pesky thermo valve pissing away water needlessly, any overly hot...
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    Wanted: Brushes for host T6

    Hello, Looking for stiff (to be used on commercial jobs) brushes for a T6 or Reliant CRB. Closer to Alberta, Canada the better. Thanks in advance.
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    Prochem Legend XL - biggest, baddest, engine possible

    I'm considering trading in my Koehler v-twin engine that came with my used Prochem Legend XL. What's the biggest baddest engine I could install (within reason, for best reliability)? My engine needs oil seals, wiring harness and some other parts. Compression did test great on both sides. Shop...
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    Prochem Legend XL - repair costs

    I'm still in negotiations on a Legend XL (2007 model with around 2500 hours, as shown by service records - hour meter was deemed inaccurate) My thanks to the members of this forum for helping me to value various units. This forum is amazing. Was wondering what various parts and services would...