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  1. Bob the floor guy

    Quick question about mildew smell

    I have a cgd that had a water leak and now it has a mildew smell. Can I just do vlm and if so what chemical? If with the client now is why I’m not using the search bar. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bob the floor guy

    Setting the valves on propane burnishers

    Here’s something I haven’t seen on here. Where does everybody set theirs at. On a Kawasaki fh500v the manual says between 004 and 006. Has anybody noticed a difference if u set them at 004 or 005 or 006. As in how much u can smell the propane exhaust. Is there any tips to make it better or...
  3. Bob the floor guy


    How do I get this out of lvt?
  4. Bob the floor guy

    Wax on ceramic tile

    Another case of someone thinking it’s the best thing to do!
  5. Bob the floor guy

    Best way to clean slate tiles

    I scrubbed this with an auto scrubber and this is what happened. What’s the best way to clean this type of floor? Thanks in advance
  6. Bob the floor guy

    Sealer or sugar

    This is a Dairy Queen, any ideas. And what has anybody found that works best to get the grout clean
  7. Bob the floor guy

    Oil stain off of concrete

    I did the search and didn’t find anything, what takes it off?
  8. Bob the floor guy

    Prep before putting down epoxy

    What’s best to prep a concrete floor for epoxy paint. Has sealer on it.
  9. Bob the floor guy

    How to remove

    How do I remove without damaging hardwood? If at all possible
  10. Bob the floor guy

    Removing vct

    Was just asked for a bid to remove 47,000 sqft of vct. I have a access to all equipment. How much per sqft . This is with removal and disposal
  11. Bob the floor guy

    How to fix

    Can I pop the tile and use concrete patch, let cure and replaced tile or is there something special I have to do to fix this Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  12. Bob the floor guy

    Need cleaner in Grand Rapids, MI

    I have a friend who lives in Grand Rapids, mi who needs some carpet cleaned. Its white with a few coffee stains and there daughter stayed with them for a few months who had a dog. Right now she just wants 2 rooms done. Msg me your info. Thanks
  13. Bob the floor guy

    Sewer water from toilet

    My neighbor got flooded with sewer water, 6 inches deep in finished basement, a week and half ago. He was not covered for sewer water, only burst pipes. So was turned down by his insurance. So him, I, and some friends went to work and tore it out, carpet, vct, and dry wall 2 ft up. Sprayed...
  14. Bob the floor guy

    Stained concrete

    I was asked to look at this. Somebody else did this and the owner is not happy. The question is when I strip this will I damage the stain or will I be alright?
  15. Bob the floor guy

    47,000 sqf vct maintence

    Hello all. I have been asked to bid on 47,000 sqf grocery store. sweep, scrub and burnish daily. what would a competitive price per sqf be? No chems or pads, just equipment, propane and labor. Would it be best to give a monthly or yearly quote? In the summer this store can be knocked out in...
  16. Bob the floor guy

    Scooped hardwood

    I don't know the technical name. Customer put something on it to protect it and now it is starting to flake up in the groves. They say it's real hardwood. Because of the grooves that give it that special look I can't just sand it down and reseal. Is there a way to get this stuff off in order to...
  17. Bob the floor guy

    $1200 Bruin

    First off, THANK YOU to TMF and all on here. I bought this prochem performer bruin (original) with 4400 hrs for 1200 dollars, van included. The 4 ml blower was locked up, motor had a massive oil leak, and would only start using ether, 5 wands only 2 worked, not very good i might add, one good...
  18. Bob the floor guy

    Floor slippery when wet

    This floor was stripped and waxed back in April. The sm loves the look. He's had 4 slip and falls since then, they only happen when it rains. I have done the maintenance for this store the past 6 years, used the same stripper and wax each and every time. Never had a problem until this summer...
  19. Bob the floor guy

    CGD in church

    I have a CGD in a church that has only been cleaned with a rug doctor for the past 15 years. Equipment I have available to use is a e1500 Pullman portable with 100 psi and a 175 with carpet brush and 1 scrub bonnet. What Chems would work best in this situation. The carpets is in decent shape...
  20. Bob the floor guy

    Am I doing something

    5 hours and this is all I got done. Sinergy pads with over 50 lbs of extra weight. Granted the floor is very trashed. Sweep and mop only,for the last 25 years. Would a propane burnished speed this up or is there something I'm missing. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums