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  1. AffordableCarpetCare

    How high up can cat pump push?

    How many stories up can a TM with a cat pump clean? I have a hotel that the access for tm is pretty easy but its 10 stories. I've used it at 5 stories with no problem.
  2. AffordableCarpetCare

    Restaurant customer complaining carpet dirty after 3 weeks

    Cleaned a restaurant 3 weeks and 2 days ago. Cleaned the owners house the next week and said everything looked great today she text and sent pic that everything looks good except at back by kitchen. . . How would y'all handle? This restaurant normally cleans every 6 months
  3. AffordableCarpetCare

    Who carries while you work?

    Glad I carry a pocket pistol with me at all times. Tonight while we're setting up. Police come into parking lot. Turns out an employee was approached at gun point about 20 min ago! Sent from my E6782 using TMF Forums mobile app
  4. AffordableCarpetCare

    Loose or delamination

    Think this just needs stretch or is it delamination? Buckles go in all directions and angles Sent from my E6782 using TMF Forums mobile app
  5. AffordableCarpetCare

    Dry time issues??

    Antony have issues with dry times on this type of carpet. Cleaned yesterday afternoon with waterclaw pet treatment in areas. And the areas where treatment done still damp. All other jobs yesterday and today no issues. Here now setting fans back up and slow extraction over the areas thanks...
  6. AffordableCarpetCare

    Heat exchanger machine for flood work

    Is anyway to bypass heat exchanger on a prochem blazer so can use it for a flood where water is turned off?
  7. AffordableCarpetCare

    LG help

    My LG #3 just sprung a leak. Look like a pinhole will still hold pressure so not major. What are chances of getting it repaired thanks
  8. AffordableCarpetCare

    Help.Lint on church pews

    Cleaned a church and pews Tuesday. Everything cleaned good except on the pews which are velvety type material there is Gray lint everywhere. Tried brushes, lint roller, and vacuum nothing is especially effective at removing it. . Any advice. My guy is there now and it taking approx 45 min per...
  9. AffordableCarpetCare

    Newest member of our family business.

    Meet Asher born yesterday afternoon
  10. AffordableCarpetCare

    Concrete cleaning and sealing

    I have a potential customer who wants their basement and garage floor cleaned and "sealed with paint". Any advice on what to use and process? Thanks
  11. AffordableCarpetCare

    Anyone near Nashville have a backup TM?

    My box truck is in shop for Transmission repairs and looks like going to be longer than expected. . Anyone around have a backup truck could possible rent for a few days???
  12. AffordableCarpetCare

    Christmas Parade

    We were in our local Christmas parade today. Handed out 1000 flyers. We already have 5 new FB likes and booked one job off it! Anyone else ever participate in parades or anything??
  13. AffordableCarpetCare

    How much is this worth if anything?

    link not valid. I know it also has as Little Giant . thanks
  14. AffordableCarpetCare

    interlocking gym mats

    I have a Gym that wants their mats cleaned. they are interlocking type on concrete. i know need to apply antimicrobial as wee as cleaning but my concern is about water going through between the pieces and causing a mold or mildew problem underneath
  15. AffordableCarpetCare

    Commercial Tile Problem

    Cleaned tile in a fast food restaurant last night first time for this account. Used Tilemaster and Tile wand (same style Todd uses all looked good when we left at 2:00 am. Some areas were dry and looked good other still damp. this morning got an email from owner saying it looked horrible worst...
  16. AffordableCarpetCare

    Looking into hardwood cleaning.

    I am looking into expanding to Hardwood cleaning and top coating. I really like the hydro-force system but that and all others I have found require 24 hours before you can replace furniture. In talking with my customers the are interested in the service but not if they can't replace furniture...
  17. AffordableCarpetCare

    Walk in fridge and freezer

    Has any one ever cleaned T&G or walls in a walking fridge and freezer? I have been asked to by a restaurant that i clean carpet and T&G for as well as cleaning all the walls and T&G in the kitchen. Just unsure what will happen when spraying in that cold environment. Thanks
  18. AffordableCarpetCare

    how would you handle/ what would u charge

    had a PM I clean for regularly call and said they had a pipe break. I arrived it had been about 12 hours and the hall way and entrance to the bed room about 36 sqft total was wet the area in front of the bathroom was soggy with water sloshing when you walk on it. carpet was medium pile cut loop...
  19. AffordableCarpetCare

    Box Truck Proof

    Finally got proof for my box truck taking it Monday do get them done. The rear door is going to be the the same as what is behind the side door. Can't wait to get swapped into it. :)
  20. AffordableCarpetCare

    Complaint from hotel

    Monday night i was cleaning the T&G at Buffalo Wild Wings and the night manager from a hotel next door came in and said they had complaints about the noise from the truckmount and asked if we could do anything about it. I told him there wasn't really anything we could do differently(the exhaust...