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  1. james n

    Anyone own a prochem apex ?

    Just wondering if you know what your engine rpm is set at idle and full throttle? Mine was set at 900 idle and 1800 full throttle. I was told 2700 full throttle and 900 idle by legends. Manual says 2740 but idle says 1500. I had a throttle limiter installed on mine that prevented me going any...
  2. james n

    Engine rpm

    I have a 9 year old prochem apex. 31Hp has kabota Manual says Engine idle 1500 Rpm. 2740 rpm high speed pump on. Water pump 965-1000 Vacuum pump 3100 Rpm My question is how can the vacuum blower run 3100 if the high speed on the engine is 2740 ? I measured the engine rpm full throttle and...
  3. james n

    100 gal recovery tank

    I have a 100 gal recovery tank for a prochem apex. I cannot find these listed anywhere on line for sale. I really would like to have 1 made (probably a lot cheaper) but I cannot find any links that give the specs. I need the exact same size tank as I have limited space in my 1 ton van. Tank...
  4. james n

    Mytee Bentley titanium swivel length ?

    I just bought the Bentley swivel titanium 14 inch swivel. I’m 6’3” and the wand seems very short. You can’t lengthen it only shorten it if I’m correct ? I like the wand but I feel like I’m hunched over using it. I got it so I’d feel less stress on my back seems like it’ll cause more. I...
  5. james n

    Tapping noise coming from heat exchanger Prochem apex

    Machine is 10 years old with about 8000 hours. I recently have been hearing a tapping noise coming from the right lower side. It seems to be coming from the heat exchanger area. I know it could be a few things but before I start pulling all the heat exchangers I figured I’d see if anyone has...
  6. james n

    Zipper Wand

    I just got the zipper wand and I’ve been having difficulty with it. Almost every glue down carpet I have done it bounces on it. Sometimes it’s just 1 direction sometimes both. Sometimes it’s very difficult to push and other times difficult to pull. I have tried adjusting the height and it...
  7. james n

    Problem with my chemical pump

    I have a Prochem Apex. I’ve noticed I have to prime the rinse every time I use it and open the simulator before it actually works. Then I noticed when I wasn’t using the rinse it is back filling my chemical jug. Any ideas what’s gone bad ?
  8. james n

    Recommended PSI on Zipper wand

    I just purchased the 15” zipper and was wondering what I should set the psi at ? Do you just keep the solution trigger trottled down as you clean ? I have a Prochem Apex. I know there could be different answers for different situations. I have a large movie theater to clean.
  9. james n

    What PSI on 15” Zipper ?

    Just got the 15” Zipper wand and was wondering what psi I should be running it at ? I have a Prochem Apex.
  10. james n

    Antifreeze leaking

    I have a Prochem apex that I replaced the radiator about 1 year ago. Up until the cool weather has hit I keep seeing a little bit of antifreeze on the bottom of the machine. I hope it's not another leak from the radiator itself. The hoses seem to be fine and like I said seems to care me and go...
  11. james n

    Prochem Apex stalling out

    I have a apex with about 5000 hours and today i had a carpet job that ran about 3 hours. When i begin to break down the hoses and cool the machine down it just shut off after i unhooked everything. I figured it was full and so i drained it. I moved my vehicle to a different location to get...
  12. james n

    Anyone else have issues with Steam-Brite?

    I was looking for a mytee portable a 1005Dx to be exact. Called around to several places and steam brite was 1 of them. First day i called a sales rep or whatever you want to call them told me he had 2 is stock then proceeded to complain how busy he is because someone called out. He then told...
  13. james n

    Floor Machine Help

    I just bought a 21 in. adjustable speed floor machine to scrub some of my carpets. I bought a brush for it but twice now that Ive tried to use it the brush seems to grab way to much and its almost impossible to move the machine. And when i do finally get it going some what it blows a fuse. Is...
  14. james n

    Soot Cleaning

    Got a call from a customer who just had a pellet stove installed and when the installer put it in soot from the chimney got all over her carpets and upholstery. I am going to look at it tomorrow and see what i would be dealing with but just wanted to see if there is a certain way i should go...
  15. james n

    Changing Anti-Freeze On A Prochem Apex

    Anyone know the steps in changing out the antifreeze on an apex? Also do you use just regular 50/50 ? Thanks
  16. james n

    Got A Call From The DEC Today

    So i get a call from a DEC police officer today saying i have a complaint against me. Ive been in the cleaning industry about 20 years and like on previous threads before I dispose of my grey water with common sense and by no means dump in areas that will cause environmental damage. So basically...
  17. james n

    In-line prayer problems

    I have a typical in-line sprayer 1:9 ratio and it keeps giving me problems. It puts down my pre-spray sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. I have changed the injector valve the fittings cleaned the screen taken off the mettering tip all not helping. Anybody else have any ideas or have a similar...
  18. james n

    Dept of Labor is a joke

    I recently fired an employee for being late for the 3rd time. BTW that was the least of the issues I had with him. Anyway so he filed for unemployment and i protested. After being phone interviewed by the piece of garbage from the state she determined I basicaly lied and he wasnt late either of...
  19. james n

    Fuel Issue

    Just had a new fuel pump put on my chevy express. Now my prochem apex wont start. The fuel pump runs strong but no gas is being pushed to the machine. Any suggestions? Garage that did the work is closed and i cant ask the person who replaced the vehicle fuel pump if he put everything back the...
  20. james n

    Problem with Prochem Apex

    I have a prochem apex and recently have had a few issues. Machine has 3300 hours on it. I was doing some overnight work on a large job and machine would stall out at random times but would start right up and run with no problems. I started looking at the motor and noticed the choke cable...
  21. james n

    General Pump "special seals" ?

    Ok so I have a prochem apex and I notice the water pump is leaking large amounts of oil. So i go on a mission to find a new pump and at the best price. So after many phone calls i finally get 1 for 595.00. So i order it. Funny thing is i was getting quotes for 900-1900.00 for the same model pump...
  22. james n

    Oil Leaking From Water Pump

    I have an apex unit and i have recently noticed oil oozing from under my front cover plate. After further investigation I came to the conclusion that it is coming from my water pump. I havent taken it out yet. I filled it back up agian and it continues to leak slowly. I know if i either repair...
  23. james n

    Jet Extenders

    I recently bought 4 half in. jet extenders for my prochem wand and istalled them. I noticed it sounds like they are restricting the water flow. It makes a loud whistling noise and the pressure seems restricted. Is this normal?
  24. james n

    Chemical Pump Apex

    I recently just did some maintenance work on the chemical pump. changed the diaphram and disc and check valves in the chemical pump. So when i go and use it it flows fine when its on but when i turn the chemical pump off it still seems to be coming out. Only when i manually turn the chemical...
  25. james n

    Truckmount & Van Value

    Can anyone help me set the value of my truckmount as i need to sell the vehicle and machine. I have a 2006 chevy 3/4 ton 73k on it good condition. I have a 2006 boxxer421 2900 hours good condition. A complete set up electric hose reel 200ft of solution and vacuum hose Rx-20...