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    In Line Pump Out

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for a good in line auto pump out? I just purchased a Jaguar MX- Cub and plan to do mostly residentials on the side where I don't mind hauling a few buckets. But for big commercial jobs I plan to have a 30 gallon water tank on wheels to feed from, now I just...
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    Selling Hydrocide Xtreme

    Hi all! Locally selling in western MA 30 gallons of Hydrocide Xtreme. It's packed and sealed in 5 gallon Home Depot buckets ready to be picked up or delivered. Nothing wrong with it, just have no idea why someone ordered so much of it and I never use it besides here and there. I have 6 buckets...
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    Selling (2) Brush Pro 17s

    Selling 2 working brush pro 17's in fairly good condition in western MA. Make me an offer and feel free to ask me any questions. Pics are the front and back of one that the shroud had a couple screws shear off so it looks a little uneven but works fine still. The other is in good shape with the...
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    New Project

    Hey all, I was just struck with a brilliant idea while falling down a youtube hole. I have some old multi sprayers, the 120v corded ones. The pumps are close to shot in both of them. So I'm going to throw in a 12v pump and wire it to run off the Milwaukee m12 batteries I already have a pile of...
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    10 Inch CRB

    Hi all! Just looking for opinions on getting a 10 inch CRB. I've been doing a lot more residential lately and the 17" just seems a bit too bulky for trying to maneuver through small hallways and around furniture for a lot of the houses. Also is there a big weight difference between the two? I...
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    How do I properly set chemical flow?

    I have a typical gph flow meter on my tm. I've never really understood the right way to set it though. Everything I use always says "meter to 2gph" and that's fine. But the way it's been explained to me was you put whatever tool you're using on then set the flow based on that. But with that...
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    Please give me your input!

    I keep trying to make the best of my situation at my current job but the frustrations keep building to the point I've given up. Because of this I want to put together a small setup to do some basic residential cleaning out on my own and would love input and suggestions. This is my plan so far...
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    Evolution 1.5" Benefits

    Hi all, My standard daily wand is a 2 jet 12" stainless s bend. The other day I was trying out a demo evolution wand and I just...wasn't feeling a huge difference. I only tried it for a few minutes but I would love to try one for a week and see if it made a difference. But before I go through...
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    Does Hydrocide Xtreme Go Bad?

    Happy Saturday to you all! I have about 30 gallons of hydrocide xtreme in a barrel that I know I'm never going to use over the course of my foreseeable cleaning career. I want to sell it but don't want to be selling a product that no longer works to someone who doesn't know any better. It's...
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    Male or Female?

    Morning all, The other day I got in a bit of a pinch with a portable that goes female end to male tool but had my wand that goes male end to female tool. (the wand that went with it broke and I left my adapter in the upholstery tool at my shop) And it got me to thinking. Do you all prefer a male...
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    Up and Running

    It finally happened. After weeks of back and forth I finally was given a truck and another chance to make a small company successful. Hopefully the last step before I set out on my own. Steamway 4100LX in a ford e-250 wheelchair van we modified a bit. Wish me luck!
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    Mytee Air Hog Question

    Hi all, just wondering how long of a hose run you can get from using the Mytee air hog as a standalone unit. Most houses I've done don't need more than 50 feet to get from the base of the stairs to the farthest bedroom upstairs. Is this achieveable or do I need to bring it upstairs and go with a...
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    Multi-steam products

    Has anyone tried using multi-steam presprays before? Do they work well? For reference my usual go-to is matrix grand slam and prochem power burst.
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    Weird Issue I Can't Solve

    Hi all! I currently have a prospector 500 portable thats 7 months old with maybe 5 hours on it. Basically brand new so it should run fine. The issue I'm having is that just by turning on the vac the floats in the waste tank are closing and cutting off my suction. Normally I would just take out...
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    Steamway vs El Diablo

    Hi all, Still trying to sort out how to restart a business with my new bosses and I'm trying to decide between an El Diablo tm or a Steamway Avalanche. Both diesel fired with 100 gallon waste tanks. The Diablo looks and sounds impressive but I have a lot of years working on Steamways and can...
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    Green Cleaning Prespray

    Good afternoon all, I'm, trying to find a good "green" or "eco-friendly" prespray that actually works. I've tried a few that get less than passable results and was hoping the pros here would have some better suggestions. A little background, for the past year I worked for a franchise of...