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    Found ?? Oreck Handle

    Swore off buying anymore equipment at auction or Craigslist ( a.k.a. CrazyList !! ) because I have been out of room for a LONG time . Been nosing around for some things for the family and customers , office chairs , tables etc. and find a Pro Team Super Coach vacuum in a box but no hose or wand...
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    Refugee’s from Cali , Time to get another truck Todd !!

    Just read a story on my news feed from the Wall St . Journal about Henderson , NV . and the number of folks from Cali buying up homes . Might be time for Todd to get some help and another truck !! Seems like it’s building up fast because people just can’t stand the taxes anymore . Go figure ...
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    So ,who’s sitting on the sideline with cash ?? Wall Street got a heck of a sale going on and it’s not even “ after Christmas !! Way it’s looking ,could be a lot more downside but man it’s starting to tempt even me !! Who’s buying ?? Who’s selling ?? Standing “ pat “ ?? All the Best , Ed
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    Rocket and Radical Rinse

    Got myself in a bind a week ago . Snowed while I was cleaning and then freezing rain on top of that . Froze my priming hose so there I am with a full tank of hot water and can’t start my pump !! Always have a “ plan B “ in place which was my Oreck and bonnets . Carpet came out so nice ( cream...
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    Ice , Snow and Avery

    Wow !! What a few days it’s been . Winter storm dumped on this county and we have hundreds of trees down knocking out power , Internet , cable . So many leaves left on the trees accumulated so much ice it uprooted them from the soggy ground . Some have been without service for five days now ...
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    Man has this site gone down hill !! Used to be fast and you could go between threads in the blink of an eye . More like “ dial up “ days lately !!! All the Best , Ed
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    242 ....... Not bad , but sad

    Sad to say I watched this Republic devolve to the point where we now have mob rule . The mob now tries , convicts and executes . Congratulations , you are now France after their Revolution . I wish you well . All the Best , Ed
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    Little bit of mold.......... Concrobium ....... ventilation

    About the only thing I can lay my hands on fast is Concrobium at Home Depot . SDS says “ use local exhaust or dilution ventilation “ . Okay , just run a fan while I’m spraying ? Doing a block garage with exposed beams ( wood joists ) . Tyvek suit and goggles ?? Any help will be appreciated. All...
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    Bid shot down . Math vs. The Market

    After a handful of meetings and Lord knows how many phone calls over a weeks time I worked every detail . Go to the accountant find out about an employee . Looks at workers comp rate etc. and says if you pay $10 / hr . it’s going to cost you $13 to pay taxes etc . on the helper . Okay , plus 30%...
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    Spartan iShine

    Pretty nice to work with and think I may have helped these floors a little . Levels good and buffs nice . 25% solids . All the Best , Ed
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    Supplies and Estimating

    Any way to estimate amount of paper products etc . used per number of people in a facility?? Maybe a dollar amount estimate per person ?? Two hundred people equals two hundred per week for supplies ?? Curious if anyone has some ideas . Thanks !! All the Best , Ed
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    New Ride , Best plastic and vinyl dressing

    Wife got a new ride and I’m shining it up . Been using Armor All but is there something better ?? Will be using Bonnet Pro Guardian upholstery and carpet protector so that’s covered . All the Best , Ed
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    This floor !! GRRRRRRRR .

    Stripped this crap at least six times and gave up on the Spartan stripper . Went to the local janitorial place and grabbed a gallon of their stuff . At least it started to come off . Mixed it strong and went real sloooow all around the room edge . No kidding , you can’t scrape it OR see it till...
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    Deep scrub and Wax

    I’m getting the idea no one will pay a decent price for stripping and waxing . Wondering what you guys are charging for deep scrub and waxing . Maybe I can offer this as an alternative and not get shot down . Thanks . All the Best , Ed
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    Office Bid

    Was approached about bidding on a brand new office . Just about 3,000 sq. ft with everything crammed in . 150 plus cubes , 20 small offices, four bathrooms , conference rooms etc . Five nights a week . Looked at the numbers figuring time and honestly it looks to big for one person . Just...
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    Jute, Rayon , Cotton ........ YIKES !!!

    Picked this up tonight . Yeah , I know , gasoline and a match !! Got some ideas from the search here but any experience with something like this ?? Any help is greatly appreciated !! All the Best , Ed
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    President Trump and the State of the Union Speech

    Thumbs UP or Down ?? Watching a rerun on Fox I noticed Steny Hoyer just about throw up in his mouth when President Trump said " the motto is " IN GOD WE TRUST " !! LOVED IT !! Thumbs UP !! How say you ?? All the Best, Ed
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    How are you preparing for the 2018 tax changes ??

    Merry Christmas to the TMF family and Happy New Year !! Wondering what all of you are doing in these last few days of the year to take advantage of deductions we may lose etc. Stocking up or delaying purchases ?? Prepaying taxes ?? All the Best, Ed
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    Dead , Basket Case Truckmounts

    Hey Guys , See them all the time on Crazy List and my Facebook " flea market " page . Read Todd the Cleaner say in a thread that he would run a truckmount FOREVER and just rebuild the parts . Okay . Looking at one right now for sale at $500 . In a junk Ford van I know I can get $250 out of it...
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    Art tables ...... Finally found something that works .

    These tables have been bad for years and stymied anyone who has tried to clean them . Started with a couple Spartan cleaners , 50/50 ammonia and water , stainless steel cleaner ,etc . and a few " off the shelf " cleaners . Zip , nada , nothing . Markers of all kinds and " you name it " !! While...
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    Huck or Microfiber

    Having problems with a couple mirrors in basement bathrooms showing lint after cleaning . Using regular microfiber now and wondering if you would use the huck towels or the smooth microfiber from Direct Mop Sales . Never had a problem till these older mirrors and have no problems with any other...
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    That didn't take long !! Lol

    Well , gas just hit $3 a gallon here tonight . Up from $2.52 last weekend . YIKES !! Anyone notice a spike near you ?? All the Best, Ed
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    Harvey, Praying for everyone .

    DANG !! Texas and surrounding area is really getting swamped . Predicting four or more days of rain for Houston !! Praying everybody survives and sure hope Jeff ( Jt) is okay . All the Best, Ed
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    Cat Scratch Fever

    Area rug damaged by a kitty scratching away was the morning project . Fabric shaver , medical scissors and a light touch . Got on to this helpful little gizmo taking UFT and it's saved more than a few pieces from the dump . Sometimes there's just no other way to make something " look good " for...
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    Anyone find these prices unreasonable .

    Got this flyer today from Interlink and pretty amazed . Had a job lined up for today and they canceled . Pretty sure my price was the reason . After looking at these prices my quote was very reasonable all things considered . Wasn't even charging for the three spots that Fifi had peed . That's...