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    Whipping/circular marks on vct floor

    Some thoughts . We can eliminate a problem with the wax because it’s a decent name brand product . Pads aren’t the problem because you’ve pretty much used all of them with the same result . The hogs hair pad shown really doesn’t look that bad ......... at least not to me . So , it either has to...
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    My prediction for carpet cleaning this year

    Since you brought that up . Was going to say something about that and then thought .......... maybe I shouldn’t . Read through my news feed Friday morning and then the Wall St. Journal where I came upon an interview with Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway. At 96 Charlie has pretty much seen it...
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    What percent of people are wearing a mask in public in your community????

    True . The whole family started much earlier than most and before it was called for . Happy Easter to you and yours and the TMF family !! Please be safe . All the Best , Ed
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    What percent of people are wearing a mask in public in your community????

    Like keep it clean said ...... less than 10% in Butler County , Pa. Younger people especially and no “ social distancing “. Pretty rural here and so far only four have died ....... all “ elderly “ . Since the wife is a nurse and HAS been exposed caring for patients we are being more careful than...
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    I'm Shutting IT Down.......

    My apologies to keep it clean !! Pa . has extended the indefinite shutdown to businesses !! Article in tonight’s local paper made this much more clear . Sheesh , now I owe him another cheese steak !! Lol . All the Best , Ed
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    I'm Shutting IT Down.......

    Yeah , and I saw Virginia is now June 10 th . or such . Think Wolf has the indefinite part as far as the schools , higher education . Pa. now has over 800,000 laid off . In Duquesne near Pittsburgh there was a MILE of cars to get food from the food bank . You can check out the story on the...
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    What chemicals will disinfect for Corona virus?

    Yeah made that state wide . Crazy out there brother ...... and I mean REAL CRAZY. Damn stock market really melted down today too . All the Best , Ed
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    What chemicals will disinfect for Corona virus?

    Things were a “ mania “ but to their credit people were being at least “ okay “ . Today after Wolf closed the schools it was absolutely NUTS !! Took the oldest grandson out since he just got his drivers permit to Sam’s Club . Never saw anything like it . People buying like the world was coming...
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    What chemicals will disinfect for Corona virus?

    Have a lot of the family working in various health systems and at least one is freaking out about this . Damn , like trying to talk someone off a ledge . Sent the article from MarketWatch and that helped some . Hope some cleaners on here Google it and read it . IDK , humans are the most...
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    What chemicals will disinfect for Corona virus?

    Stop at Dollar Genitalia tonight and bought this ,then grabbed a six pack of Corona Extra at Sheetz for my sons birthday. Told him it was the “ Virus Special “ . Lol . Parking lot at Dollar Genitalia was packed !! People pushing carts around full of bleach, wipes , TP , paper towels !! SMDH ...
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    What chemicals will disinfect for Corona virus?

    MarketWatch has a real good article called “ Deadly Viruses are no match for plain old soap ....... here’s the Science behind it .” Goes into a lot more than just “ wash your hands “ . Excellent article with information ALL CLEANERS should be familiar with . Hope it helps . All the Best , Ed
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    Solution stains on carpet after cleaning

    To much solution . Get off that trigger earlier and vacuum dry the bullnose holding the tool at an angle . Rob Allen did have a YouTube video of how to do stairs properly years ago . May still be out there so I’d check it out . Actually how I found this forum . Towel drying the bullnose is just...
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    Strip/seal gas station Floor Monthly.

    Agree with the above comments ......... All of them !! Really have those two choices ..... cheap and dirty or a REAL job and get them on a maintenance plan . Realistically, IDK . HVAC companies are a little different and take a lot of care in peoples homes like any good cleaning company would...
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    Lol . Actually got an email from Michco .com for their new aerosol scents and pumpkin spice was one of them . These are the 7 oz. “ cartridges “ you put in a holder and sprays every so often . If you have a customer really into something like this it’s worth a look . Mostly for commercial but...
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    Urgent question about insurance for van and truckmount?

    Yep , pretty close . The OP should really look into a broker for a general contractors policy for the business . Might be pretty high the first year but with no claims will go down . State Farm wasn’t writing them when I started so the van was insured by them but everything else including tools...
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    Tony Dang had a stroke over the weekend

    Very sorry to hear this . Prayers for a complete recovery !! All the Best , Ed
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    When pre-spray isn't enough and anything else would take the color out

    Pre Sprays are like opinions . EVERYBODY HAS ONE . Grand Slam was the first “ professional “ product I ever used and it’s been around a long time . Is it the greatest, AWESOME , KICK AZZ Cleaner out there ?? No . But it’s a good cleaner and I’ve used a hell of a lot WORSE . After working with it...
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    Are you prepared for a recession?

    Yes , always . Been warning the children for more than a year . Every type of debt is at all time highs right now from the government to someone swiping a credit card at Starbucks . We carry very little debt or zero . Anything that’s owed can be paid for with cash in an hour . Assets are...
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    Nu buck leather or not

    Agree with 1st .Choice and Fedri it does appear to be microfiber . You can always check underneath or in the back for material to test if the cushion isn’t giving you anything to go on . Appears to be lots of soil , spills , dead skin , oil . Hope you have a drill brush to scrub with and a chem...
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    Nu buck leather or not

    From the looks of that cushion he’ ll get a “ smell “ alright !! Doubt if it will be a leather “ smell “ !! Lol !! All the Best , Ed
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    Please help meeeee! Restaurant deep clean advice

    Best answer Mike $ . Pretty tough situation and you’re going to have to approach it like this and be firm on your price . Don’t get pushed around . All the Best , Ed
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    Come on Virginia, you're better than dilation & after birth abortion

    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it . The progressive socialist democrats care nothing about racism or the sexual assault of women . They’re interested in power . Look at how they rallied for Clinton and then the current Lt. Governor of Virginia , not to mention the “...
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    Help With Upholstery (Chair)

    What I walked in to this past Sunday afternoon . Similar location of spot / stains . Great thread and advice . Had at least 10 hours of work ahead of me cleaning offices from fixing lights to this and everything in between. Quick vacuum , pretreated, agitation from drill brush , extracted , dry...
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    When Babushka says you need to eat before cleaning

    Hell yes !! “ Buscia “ says she will feed you ......... put your azz in a chair quick !! Lived in Pgh , Pa . during the ‘80 ‘ s and the churches would have a food festival in one of the city parks . Ukraine , Russian , Polish , Irish , Italian , you name it !! Wife would roll me home I ate so...