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    Local Interlink Distributor Lied To Me

    Went to my local interlink distributor a few days ago. I was picking up some Bridgepoint spotters that needed refilled. I got asked by the one running the location “what presprays do you use? I only see you buy rinse and spotters” I said I use bridgepoint for spotters and rinse, but TMF...
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    Restaurant Tile & Grout

    Had a local Pizza Hut call and want their tile and grout to be cleaned. I did their carpet before and it was grease city. Their tile has this buildup in the grout lines. It is Level with the tile surfaces in a lot of areas, but areas that don’t get walked on (under appliances, ect.) don’t have...
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    Hydro Force Injection Problem

    Hello, I have a hydro force sprayer that I had to replace the injector block on. I used it for 2 jobs, then it quit working again. I have checked without metering tip, without tube, to see if it has any kind of suction. I took apart all the connections to ensure nothing is clogged, cleaned all...
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    RSF All Purpose

    Hello, Got my mixing guide today from TMF! Looks amazing, and will really help out a ton. Quick question though, on the specialty section, it says "RSF Urine" and "RSF All Purpose" are leave behinds. Is this USOR, and RSF Free & Clear? I may be stupid and just not realizing something!
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    Spotter Tips

    Hey all, Looking for some spotter recommendations. My current spotter kit is: Rust remover, Avenge Pro, Bridgepoint Red Zone, Citrus Solv, All Solv Xtreme, And Bonnet Pro POG. I’m fairly successful with a lot of spots. The bonnet pro pog works better than all solv IMO. I also carry spray bottles...
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    Blower Belt Problem

    Hello all, Hoping some of you handy men can help me out here. The other day, I stepped in my trailer and saw little pieces of rubber. It was from my belt. I have a belt driven TCS Brave. Took the belt to the local shop and got a new one. Instead of gates brand, they gave me a cheap one. Put it...
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    New Wand Help

    I’m currently looking for a new wand. I have a 18 hp truckmount with a 36 blower, so not a ton of suction. I’m using the 2 jet 1.5” wand that was given to me with it, and I can’t stand it. I don’t think I’m getting full suction out of it, and I don’t like only having 2 jets. I’m looking for a 4...
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    First rug cleaning, any advice?

    I got my first rug cleaning to do. I’ve cleaned a bit of carpet. I have a TCS Brave truckmount, an Oreck Orbiter for agitation, and a lot of TMF products and BridgePoint products. What would be recommended for cleaning this rug? The little green machine is from where the homeowner tried cleaning...
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    Used TH-40 or SX-12

    Hello! Just looking to see if anybody has an SX-12 or TH-40 Spinner that they would be willing to part with? Just getting started and don't really want to spend the money on a new one, but would be willing to purchase a used one. If you have one feel free to message me or reply here and let me...
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    Groutmaster film on tile

    Hello! I did a tile and grout job 2 days ago. I received a call back today, and when I arrived the tile had a film on it. The grout also didn't come near as white as the customer expected. She had always cleaned it with bleach, and she said it didnt come near as clean as when she does it. What...
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    Speeding Up Preparation

    Hello! I am new to carpet cleaning. I have been spending a ton of time on TMF learning everything that I can learn. I decided to purchase a truckmount vs a portable for the ease of use, and the speed. But one thing that I’m noticing is that I’m spending more time preparing for the job vs...