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    Chair Cleaning Help

    Cleaned 2 chairs with Prochem fine fabric shampoo, followed by hot water extraction. The chairs are Bernhardt with a fiber content I believe to be 65% Rayon, 20 Poly and15 linen. This is the fabric itself. Customer sent these pictures. Seems to be water marking and some dark areas. Went back...
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    Room at Clearwater Hilton

    I booked 2 rooms and only need one.
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    Need Advice on a sofa

    After cleaning a Bernhard Van Gogh sofa for a customer she called to complain that her sofa was blotchey and had streeks on it. I told her that I would go back and take care of the problem. Sofa is 100 percent polyester. First presprayed the armes with Prochem Upholsery Pre Spray, shampooed...
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    Scotchgard Application

    I was looking through a Scotchgard application manuel and noticed is says when you apply scotchgard with a hydroforce that you can apply it at a 1-9 Ratio, up till now I have been taking out the yellow tip. I also noticed it also say this on the bottle that connects with the hydoforce. Anyone...