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  1. skidom1

    Water Softener Maintenance

    I recently discovered that running a water softener resin cleaner greatly improved the efficiency of my onboard water softener in the truck. I plan to use this product periodically to keep the softener running in tip top shape.
  2. skidom1

    White Magic Commander Fresh Water Tank not filling

    The freshwater tank will not fill while the machine is running despite plenty of inlet water pressure, no kinked inlet hoses etc, but when the machine is off, the tank starts to fill up again. Any suggestions on what could be the problem? Anybody else ever deal with this problem before? Could it...
  3. skidom1

    Hybrid Truckmount

    In the history of our industry, has there ever been an attempt to create a hybrid TM that is both a heat exchange unit and oil burner to get maximum heat at high flow but with reduced fuel costs?
  4. skidom1

    Any Steamway Powermatic Operators out there?

    Just curious how many fellow Powermatic owners are on TMF?
  5. skidom1

    Platinum vs Iridium spark plugs for your Truckmount

    Which sparks do you guys prefer to run in your TM?
  6. skidom1

    Pressure Line Hose Preference

    Steel braided or plastic? I have used both and I prefer the steel braided but I like the fact that plastic hose is so lightweight. Which pressure line hose do you prefer for TM use?
  7. skidom1

    Wanding Technique

    Which carpet cleaning wanding technique is the most effective? The 'U' style or the 'V' style?
  8. skidom1

    Pre-Spray Preference

    Which Pre-Spray do you prefer using on most residential jobs?
  9. skidom1

    Legacy 2100 Vacuum Boost

    I added a second vacuum port to my Powermatic about a year ago and found the four to the door concept to be a nice improvement overall for boosting extraction capabilities.
  10. skidom1

    Powermatic Legacy 2100 (Solution Draw Fix)

    I was having problems drawing chemical on my Powermatic. First I confirmed no leaks were on the suction side of the pump. I discovered that vibration had caused the solution tank lid to conform to the tank opening thus creating a vacuum seal which prevented solution from being drawn properly...
  11. skidom1

    PMF 802 Wand

    Anyone have an opinion on the PMF 802 wand? Good or Bad?
  12. skidom1

    Chemeister's Grease Eraser

    I have been using grease eraser as an effective Pre Spray for many years now and love the stuff. Anyone else have any experience using this product?