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    New Van and machine.

    After 16 years with a Hydramaster boxxer 421 and Chevy express 1 ton van it’s time to replace both. Want something reliable and easy to work on of course. 90 percent of my work is on vacant rentals and 10 percent on homeowners. Very little tile and upholstery work and A little flood work but not...
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    Restaurant booth upholstery

    Going to clean 40 booths (just the backs , the seats are vinyl) next week. They are very heavily soiled and have never been cleaned in this restaurants 10 year existence. I haven’t cleaned very much upholstery and never in a restaurant. Need some recommendations on what chemical I should use ...
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    Sapphire scientific 370

    Does anyone have/use a sapphire scientific 370 daily ? What are your thoughts about it ? Ive been using a Hydramaster boxxer 421 since 2004 it’s about time I get a new machine and just want some thoughts and advice before I move forward. 90 percent of my work is vacant rentals. Thanks
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    Bio break/pre load 5

    Ordered a jar of each last night. Have never tried either one but after reading some posts on here it seems like a lot of y'all use both and swear by them. I do mostly vacant rentals and a couple of restaurants. What can I expect from these 2 products? I like that bio break is only 6 scoops as...
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    At the end of the day/hydro force sprayer

    At the end of the day do you empty your hydro force sprayer and run water through it ? Or just leave the chemical in it ? I've been leaving the chemical in it and lately have been having problems with it not spraying enough chemical. Just wondering if the problem is related to leaving the...
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    Trouble with my hydroforce sprayer

    I use the hydroforce sprayer that takes the metering tips to put down my pre spray. The one I have is only about a year and a half to 2 years old. I use the yellow tip. Today I noticed if I took my finger off the trigger for a second or 2 my solution would start coming out of the cap like over...
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    Red Zone

    Does anybody use Red Zone on red stains ? I've never tried it. Been using red relief. Is red zone just 1 part and not a part A and a part B ? Does it really remove red stain without using heat transfer (iron and white towel ) ? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
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    If you have a rotovac and have the brush head then you could use your rotovac exactly like a 175 and thus eliminating the need for a 175 correct? Thanks Kyle Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Rank these pieces of equipment

    Rank these with number 1 being most used or most important in your arsenal. Crb Rotovac 175 Feel free to add any other equipment you think is important enough. I dont have a crb or a rotovac. Just trying to decide which one to get first. I mostly do apartments and rent houses and a Couple...
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    175 pad for carpet

    What color pad should I use for carpet on a 175? Mostly doing apartments and rent houses. Thx Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Bending manifold on prochem wand

    I have a prochem 4 jet 11 inch wand and I'm gonna put a green glide on it soon and I can tell that when I do that the jets are gonna spray onto the glide not the carpet. I was told that the only way to adjust your jets is to bend the manifold. Can anyone explain the best and safest way to do...
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    Grout Haze

    I installed new ceramic wood look tile in my house. Now I have to get the grout haze off and thought about using my truck mount but didn't know what chemical to use ? Or should I just use water ? I've heard the best way to get it off is vinegar and water with a mop. But I really wanna use my...
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    Nuclean Brutus

    Anyone use this stuff? Was thinking about trying it but wanted to know how much to put in hydroforce and what dilution ratio before I buy? I couldn't find that info on their website. Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    5200 sq ft of CGD

    Cleaned 5200 square feet of CGD today at a church. Used a 4 jet prochem wand no glide because that's all I have. What would be your weapon of choice for this big of a job ? Took me almost 5 hours, me by myself. Thx Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Firestorm 13

    Ordered a case of it awhile back to use on restaurants and rat nasties. It lasted me a long time as I am a small company with no employees. Finally ran out and ordered another case and used it today and it is a different color than before once mixed up. Now it's pretty clear to a little on...
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    Ordered some yesterday and am gonna start adding it to my pre spray for the rat nasty carpets. Is it best to add it right before doing the job or is it ok to mix it up days/week ahead of time ? Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Apartment carpet

    Hope I don't get made fun of too bad but here it goes. What kind of carpet is usually in apartments ? Nylon or polyester ? Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Grout master

    Wanting to order some but can't find what size container it comes in ? Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Anyone wear gloves while cleaning ? If so, what kind ? My hands are getting torn up lol. Not to mention having to grab a towel to unhook solution line because of how hot they get. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app