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  1. AussieCarpetBloke

    Carpet Gurus Help -

    So had a call from a builder that has completed a refit in a hospital wing. They used stick down protection in the middle of the carpet hallways. After removing the film there must be residue as you can see the dirty strip where the film was I nailed it with my TM and some high alk - viper...
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    Hardwood - Jarrah - refinishing - NO SANDING

    Stripped/scraped existing finish from floor There wasn’t enough in the floor to sand, required replacement apparently.... So I worked my magic Chemicals/brute strength/black pad/tynex stripping brush Washed with tile wand 8 coats sealer Burnished Happy Corona!!!
  3. AussieCarpetBloke

    Anyone in Atlanta want some leads

    The good people from Atlanta keep hitting me up on Instagram sending me DMs wanting me to clean their carpets I’ve had about 10 enquiries about bookings And overnight 2 more.... Always Atlanta....must be some weird algorithm Now corona is here I can’t think about moving to Atlanta anymore...
  4. AussieCarpetBloke

    Timber Floor

    Well it was a pig of a floor I tried to put lipstick on, and it came up pretty good.... Mahogany dance floor damaged Land lord unwilling to refinish My good friend called me and asked for help, he just moved into a new venue/premises Hit the floor with black pad and viper venom Rinsed with tile...
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    Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta

    Someone contacted me over Instagram they’re in Clayton/ Henry county line near Stockbridge and need 5 rooms cleaned. Australia is just too damn far for my hoses to reach [emoji23] Cheers Corey @Cameron RDS
  7. AussieCarpetBloke

    What type of flooring is this....?

    Customer just sent me pics, asking for a strip and seal....? Looks like linoleum!? What is it?? It's in an office for a refrigerated warehouse.... Thanks for your help[emoji106]
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    Need advice on portable purchase

    So I have a SS370 truckmount And I'm looking at buying a porty because I have missed out on a few good paying jobs lately AND...I just did a quote for an Airline customer/VIP lounge at the airport so I'll need to buy a porty to get it done... 60 chairs and 250sq meters of carpet And 3 small...
  9. AussieCarpetBloke

    Pot Plant Stains Help....

    Wool carpet high end home, damn UGLY stains from under pot plants...before the knife, what is the best plan of attack first? It's just the combo of colours it's what got me stumped...
  10. AussieCarpetBloke

    Animal skin how do you clean/maintain?

    Customer asked about cleaning/maintaining this animal skin rug, what do you guys recommend?? What's your advice? Thanks[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    Grout stains???

    Ok so I need help/advice.... One of our good friends just bought a newly built house... The builders/tilers left grout residue on the tiles So I got the call to come look/clean Acid wash should sort it I thought[emoji35] Acid wash got the small amount of grout off.... However...
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    Tile Hand Tool advice

    I have an SX-12 floor spinner and Aloha Dave's AMAZING Demon grout brush and comfy grip pole and I've been doing quite a bit of tile and grout lately but I've need to invest into a hand tool of some sort?? For showers and bathroom walls, Any suggestions and recommendations? Reviews? Sent...
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    Biobreak and FLEX how many scoops??

    Ok guys need some help The instructions on the label specifically the flex label are slightly confusing?? Compared with the biobreak label So with a 4qt hydroforce sprayer How many scoops of biobreak powder are you guys using?? Heavy soil Light soil and what dilution on sprayer Also the same...