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  1. alexus

    Turbo Force mini

    I need replace a trigger , anyone know where can I buy parts ? Thank you
  2. alexus

    Leather cleaning

    Anyone have experience with leather cleaning ? Please need help , thanks in advance
  3. alexus

    Tips to change blower oil

    Time come to change oil on prochem legend , oil drain plug on tight spot can anyone give us advice please . Thank you
  4. alexus

    Any body at Raleigh / Cary area ?

    My friend looking to clean 4 bedrooms hallway and staircase . Let me know please
  5. alexus


    I got call today from QueenCity so they ask me to clean wendys restaurant around our area and few 1 hour away . Just wonder anybody deal with this company ? Thanks in advance Alex
  6. alexus

    My new website

    Cleaner-designer build a new website for us and we looking for feedback . I'm very happy with this their service and patience. Any thoughts, opinions, and ideas are welcome. Thank you Alex
  7. alexus

    Grand reaper

    Today I broke my reaper while doing job. I contact Dave Aloha with my problem and he respond very quick. This problem was take in care with satisfaction. Thank you for great customer service! By the way I have and use all his product and it makes my job so much more easier. Thank you Aloha for...