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    Mytee LX Vac Motors

    Have you ever tested 4 motor series parallel setup? lx and 8.4 ? I know first hand it kicks ass but have been curious about the #s
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    Carpet Cleaning Flow & Jets Explained

    I run 2 of the aquatec 200psi pumps in parallel (copied you) .fed from ~70psi house preasure. 3/4" lines feed the pumps and 3/4" exit about 2' then merge into a y. From there its 50' of 3/8" line to the wand. 2" Mach 12 with 4x 1.5 flow. 6 total. Without the jets it was 2.85 gpm. With the...
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    Series/Parallel Test

    I used heavy duty 20amp light switches for my switches and put them in outdoor weatherproof housing.
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    Series/Parallel Test

    I had a little time this weekend so I'm going to try out what you suggested. I'm still setting it all up but hopefully be able to turn it on today
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    Differenced between Robs deluxe wand and a devastator wand???

    The extra length doesn't bother me, but as mentioned, I'm going to cut the polycarbonate tube couple inches shorter. I've never used a wand with a sight window on the head so what I'm about to assume is probably wrong but for me I wanted a bigger viewing area to be able to see more and not...
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    Differenced between Robs deluxe wand and a devastator wand???

    I have a mach12 with 2" tube in titanium. I also wanted to see what I'm sucking up so I bought the 2" sight tube. I didnt like it because it was 2" od. So I bought a tube of polycarbonate which happens to fit perfectly in a flash cuff and on the wand. I'm going to cut it a little shorter next...
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    ETM for sale, big waste tank, runs on 2 110s, fresh water tank included

    that's a nice waste tank. did you make it/have it made?
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    questions on installing pumptec 207v

    on a side note, I put in 2 8.4 2 stage vac motors. increased the everything to 2" . rewired everything with 10g. really looking forward turning this on. I originally like the 220 pump since it claims to handle 170 degree temp. so I was going to hook up a direct line to my solution tank from...
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    questions on installing pumptec 207v

    hello everyone, I'm new here but have been reading and learning a lot from here. I had a friend that recently passed and inherited some of his stuff. one of the items was an old broken carpet extractor which I have been fixing/putting together in my free time as a hobby. it's a century ninja...