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  1. Sapphire Steamer

    6 weeks in, need more customers

    Hey folks, Have been doing pretty good all in all for my first five weeks in business, better than my expectations. First two weeks I had two jobs, then three the third week, then five per week the last two weeks. My goal was five a week to hit within the first two months, so I've accomplished...
  2. Sapphire Steamer

    Titan 575, gimped through end of my job today

    Hey folks, Not going to lie, got a bit freaked out when I couldn't get my TM to start back up today. I was working on a job for a few hours, and could hear the truck stuttering outside. Few minutes later, it shut off. Figured my auto pump out didn't engage for some reason, so I dumped the tank...
  3. Sapphire Steamer

    Inland Marine insurance for TM / equipment

    Hey guys, Called my commercial insurance provider to look into insuring my equipment. They said to look into inland marine insurance, heard the average cost is about $2500 a year. If you don't mind me asking, what do you guys pay per month to insure your equipment? Any recommendations? Looking...
  4. Sapphire Steamer

    I am so stoked to be all set up!

    Got the van all dialed in! It's a start! I can do carpet and upholstery, grabbing tile tools and leather kit next. Proline in Sacramento was awesome. My first run cleaning my sectional the belt slipped because of a stuck bearing on the belt tensioner for the blower, but it's fixed and humming...
  5. Sapphire Steamer

    I'm finally in business next month! Toilet adapter?

    Wow guys, it's been a long journey. I joined this forum almost ten years ago when I was a Stanley over at Steemers in the hopes of creating my own business. Finally, I've pulled the trigger! Deposit on equipment, insurance dialed in, website ready to be published, logos on the van, the whole...
  6. Sapphire Steamer

    Anyone have an Amtex Inferno 400 truck mount?

    Been doing my research and fell in love with the Amtex Inferno 400, was wondering if anyone has one? What do you like or dislike about it? Would you say it's as powerful / more powerful than a Stanley Steemer machine? Ben the owner of the company also seems like a nice guy.
  7. Sapphire Steamer

    I'm back!

    Hey everyone, Furtado here, I'm back to the community! Haven't posted here since 2011. My plans to start a carpet cleaning business were put on hold, but no longer! Just booked IICRC certification classes for December and am gearing up to finally pull the trigger on this project! So glad to see...
  8. Sapphire Steamer

    TM's that run off the Van's engine

    What do you guys think about the TM's that run of the vans engine? I have an offer on my plate to finance a Dodge van with a Hydramaster HydraVan 2CDs. This unit runs off the vans engine. It's a heat exchanger. The unit itself is in good condition with like 3,000 hours. The van's engine is in...
  9. Sapphire Steamer

    Good money to be made adding power washing to the service list?

    Is there good money to be made doing power washing along with other carpet cleaning services? Do you guys who offer this use your truck mount for the power washing, or do you have a power washer? Whats a fair charge? Thanks guys :)
  10. Sapphire Steamer

    Cali weather

    Just a little rain and all the jobs go away here in the Bay Area. My employer told me I had to split for the day bc theres not enough jobs to fill all the trucks. Happens all too often lately. I hear in other states you guys clean in the snow. I'll have to find something to do haha.
  11. Sapphire Steamer

    18hp vs 31hp?

    Is there a huge difference in power and job time between these two machines? I am used to working with a 31hp machine and can clean 5 jobs in about a 8 hour day, is the quality difference between 31hp and 18hp 'more than noticable?' I am considering a job offer, but they use weaker equipment...
  12. Sapphire Steamer

    Stanley Steemer wand?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows which manufacturer Stanley Steemer uses for their wands. I used to work for them, and used a 4 jet 14" wand thats super low profile and works great. Even like the fact that its a bit heavy compared to other wands I've seen. Really like the upgrade...