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  1. hurricanecc


    I’m all about powders now. No spills, won’t freeze and I think much more powerful, because of the Sodium carbonate activation.
  2. hurricanecc

    Featured Two new TMF Booster/Urine removers for carpet cleaning!

    What makes cherry bomb a suggestion for upholstery cleaning, compared to say, black label?
  3. hurricanecc

    Rat Nasty Review

    Just ordered some. Does it have a reducer for red stains? The other similar named brand mentions it works on them.
  4. hurricanecc

    Black in solution line

    When I prime the solution line for the first job of the day on my 870, I’ll see clear water followed by white and then black and then back to clear. What the black coming from, is it a warning sign?
  5. hurricanecc

    Witness the new TMF Boss filter devastate the competition!

    I have the Devastator and it seems to work well. The mesh bag along with the paint filter pretty much stops all debris from hitting the in tank filter. I bought a competitors stainless filter with a metal filter and paint filter bag recently because I found the metal filter appealing for less...
  6. hurricanecc

    Devistator vs. Robs wand

    I owned a Bentley,actually 2. The first swivel locked up and they sent me another and the same thing happened again. Unless they changed the design, look at the Devastator or robs wand instead.
  7. hurricanecc

    Devistator vs. Robs wand

    The strong suction and angle of the neck to the head make it a little harder, but it brings better results. I find it harder on the push with Berber, but maybe because the Teflon is brand new. I’m enjoying it so far.
  8. hurricanecc

    Devistator vs. Robs wand

    The wand seems to grab the carpet better and it’s a little harder to push, but I think it’s because of the head design and angle /length at the bottom bend which makes for better suction. Having the swivel a little looser would be nice and easier to manipulate, but I’m still very happy. The 12”...
  9. hurricanecc

    Devistator vs. Robs wand

    I just received my new Devastator wand and boy am I impressed!! The swivel is a little stiffer compared my past swivel wand, but man that thing seems to suck a lot better than my sapphire 14”. Even at 150 ft it’s stronger than the sapphire at 50’. I’m excited about cleaning again. Here’s a pic...
  10. hurricanecc

    What is your favorite pet urine product?

    Had another positive result on a prior product callback
  11. hurricanecc

    What is your favorite pet urine product?

    Yes, I’ve watched this video several times, I even attached the uv to the lance. You talk about prespraying and extracting it, not leaving it on the carpet. Unless topical pricing is just spraying usor and walk away and not just adding to the pre spray and cleaning. I’m testing it again today on...
  12. hurricanecc

    What is your favorite pet urine product?

    Finally bought some USOR, because of a few urine odor call backs after using other products. Tried it and the customer is incredibly happy, says there’s no odor from either the urine or the usor , 2 days later. I guess that’s a win! Rob, with usor resoil? It would be nice to just spray and walk...
  13. hurricanecc

    UV light before and after??

    When you inspect a carpet with a uv light, why do some carpets appear yellow on the tips of the fibers throughout the entire room of carpet?
  14. hurricanecc

    New IPS Pro Sprayer

    I’ve bought the original and then the v7. As like many others on here, their v7 batteries died quickly. I sent them back for repair and they died again. I’ve tried to contact their customer service via email, in hopes of possibly buying new batteries, because I do like it’s versatility of the...
  15. hurricanecc

    Best Red Remover

    When you make your own and mix the two together, what’s the shelf life? I’m assuming the single bottle red removal products have a stabilizer, preservative type product added
  16. hurricanecc

    chemical pump

    I just replaced the diaphragm on my chemical pump on my 870ss, it primes great now, but doesn’t keep a draw after a minute or so. I had a hell of a time putting the chemical pump back together with the threading feeling off. I found some cross threading shards within the threads so I’m hoping...
  17. hurricanecc

    Waste water coming out of the exhaust

    Makes total sense. Thanks
  18. hurricanecc

    Waste water coming out of the exhaust

    So it’s a poor placement of the float kill switch?
  19. hurricanecc

    Waste water coming out of the exhaust

    I’ll have to take a look at in the morning. An air leak will cause a problem like that?
  20. hurricanecc

    Waste water coming out of the exhaust

    I own an 870ss truckmount and for some reason waste water comes out of the exhaust when the water is approximately 4-6 inches below the actual float kill switch and there’s no foam either. Any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks
  21. hurricanecc

    Rotovac XL Issues- Need Feedback ASAP!

    Can you explain that in more detail, please?
  22. hurricanecc

    Rotovac XL Issues- Need Feedback ASAP!

    I was told a new motor would be $500 and a used $250, plus shipping I’d assume