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    I knew someday it may come down to this. How are you going to handle it?

    Goes both ways! Has the customer been vaccinated fully? I have had several tradespersons in my home during this mess and I got more interrogation about my travel, health and vaccination status than I asked about them. I doubt that any service provider is going to be within 6 feet of their...
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    Mowhawk Rep....

    The carpet warranty was probably voided the week it was installed! I read my warranty and it said you needed to vacuum the carpet 3-4 times per week per person that resides in the home. Family of 3 x 4 is 12 times a week. Who does that? Homeowners are doing good to hit it once a week!
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    Let’s talk LVT & LVP

    In residential it seems the LVP is going down and then people are covering it up with rugs! That may be a place to grow is rug sales and rug cleaning.
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    Winterization Truckmount

    Is washer fluid better than RV antifreeze or vice versa?
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    New home or new carpet cleaning

    What would be the recommendation for when to clean carpets for the first time? Wait a year let it get a little nasty? Maybe a VLM around 6 months?
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    Best PC for the money

    Can’t hide money!