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  1. Adam Valencia

    Vacation Rental Management Carpet Cleaning Hacks!

    Super important to educate your clients to some degree on the different carpet cleaning methods and how the "professional" commercial cleaning equipment and expertise sets the standards in our industry and that it can not be touched by "over the counter" DIY cleaning equipment. I have a few...
  2. Adam Valencia

    Rotovac ShearDry wont budge?

    My Rotovac Sheardry has been in storage for about a year and a half. Took it out the other day gearing up for an upholstery job and when I got there, the water would not come out? Does anyone know how to fix this issue, or what to check. I all ready took it apart to stick a pin in the jetting...
  3. Adam Valencia

    What safe cleaning solutions do you use for mattress cleaning???

    Got a call to do a mattress cleaning and its not my normal gig to be honest. Just wondering what "SAFE" cleaning solution you guys use that get the job done. Custy will send me a picture by the end of the day. guessing there may be pee, sweat, and all the fun stuff? LOL. Also any input on...
  4. Adam Valencia

    Is it possible???

    Question to those familiar with tile and grout cleaning. Is it possible to clean tile and grout with grout master, lots of scrubbing, grout brush. and only a 220psi heated portable extraction unit? My gut tells me it can be done but wanted to hear the thoughts from some of the veterans. Thanks.