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    Best wand for picking up floor finish with shop vac.

    I have a linoleum floor with a small amount of floor finish on it. My plan was to use a 16 gal 6.5 Rigid to extract it so I don’t get stripper and floor finish in my truck mount. What is an acceptable slurry wand? I see some with a squeegee head on a bend Wand. Is there a certain gecko...
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    Are rotary drive plates universal?

    I am looking to buy a .28 Polyester brush for my 17inch Viper 175. Is there a specific brand that fits the Viper? Are most 17 inch drive plates universal across different manufacturers?
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    Where to find a waste tank?

    I found a little 3.3 blower for $20 and I thought about making a 14-16hp unit. The biggest hang-up is finding an aluminum waste tank. I have found some aluminum fuel tanks for boats that I thought might work with some welding and modifications. I was also concerned if they would be thick...
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    How do I get my Google Maps Listing with a customer review?

    How do I get the customer review quote under my google map listing?
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    Thinking of buying a Tennant 1260 Floor Extractor.

    I found a used Tennant 1260 floor machine locally for $150. Looks good in the picture and is supposed to work fine. Are these good units? How does it perform on tile and grout?
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    Terrazzo Floor. Nightmare job?

    My fathers friend lives 70miles away from my service area. He has this ancient terrazzo floor that he can’t find anyone who knows how to clean this floor. I have been wanting to get in to stone polishing with diamond pads. This job would be a perfect way to get my feet wet. But the job is 70...
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    Rose Solv by Magic Wand reviews?

    Anyone using Rose Solv? How do you like it?
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    Wood floor discoloration

    Any ideas on what happened to this floor? It seems like the floor is lighter in the areas that were covered and darker in the uncovered areas. There wasn’t a cleaning agent that would remove any of the darkness on some small test dots. Lady was a heavy smoker.
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    2002 Butler just rolled over 10k hours

    The old girl rolled over today 10k hours today. It also rolled over 200k miles yesterday. The original 5.7 engine made 167k before blowing a head gasket. Transmission is still holding up well. The cat pump has been replaced once to my knowledge and the 5.8 blower is 10k hours deep.
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    Buying an existing cleaning business

    I have worked for a carpet cleaning company for going on 14 years and I am in a position to buy the business. How does someone come up with a price tag for a cleaning business? It’s a small home based business with 2 Butler vans And various equipment. I’m mostly interested in buying the...
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    Business door mat service

    There seems to be a lot of places of business that have custom printed door mats. Does anyone offer a door mat cleaning service? I believe Cintas offers a door mat service but I think they rent you the door mat.
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    Painting your van steel wheels

    I always wanted to paint these plain old steel wheels that you see on a lot of service vans. So I finally broke down and tried it. High temperature primer and several coats of Rustolium. New hub cap covers.
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    Royal vacuum repair and part sources

    I have 3 Royal vacuums from my county school board that were going in the dumpster. One vacuum runs great just needs a front wheel. Does anyone know how to remove the wheels in Royal vacuums? They look to be pressed on. Where is the best place to buy parts?
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    Cat pump not holding pressure

    My Cat pump first started out with a problem of not holding water pressure above 500 psi. When you would turn it above 500psi the cat pump clutch would stop spinning. Once I lowered the water pressure back down the clutch would spin again. When i was cleaning today i noticed the water to be...
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    4.5 blower too much for 20hp?

    I am currently running a 3.3 blower behind my 20hp Kohler. I found a used 4.5 blower for a decent price and was wondering if my 20hp Kohler would be up to the job. I used a 5.8 Butler system for years before I bought a affordable unit and went out on my own. The 3.3 gets the job done but with...
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    Coupling 4cylinder to Blower

    I have used Butler Systems and small engine systems with pulleys for the blower. The butler system gets its power from the front serpentine belt system. How are your 4cyliner powered truck mounts turning the blower? Using the serpentine system or is their a coupler that unites the rear of the...
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    Fuel Pump PSI Kohler 20hp

    My Kohler Command 20 needs a new fuel pump. It has a Facet on it now that is on its last leg. What PSI range am I looking for in a new fuel pump? From the research I've done it seems that a 2-3.5 PSI fuel pump is what I'm looking for. Sound right? I am looking at a Mr. Gasket fuel pump at...
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    Fuel pumps mounted vertically or horizontally?

    I have a 20hp kohler command powered custom made truck mount. If it runs for a while and then gets shut off it doesn't like to start back up until it cools down.. Im guessing this is due to a vapor lock issue. The fuel pump was mounted horizontally on the truck mount frame when I purchased it...
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    Car Muffler or Blower Silencer?

    I have a 3.3 blower with what I believe is a car muffler to reduce blower noise.. The muffler looks to have seen some hours and needs a sound reduction. There was a new glass pack muffler laying around and i attached it to the end of my current blower muffler and had very minimal sound...
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    Changing the pulley size 3.3 and 20hp.

    I purchased a used no name truck mount earlier this year. 20hp kohler, cat pump, 3.3 blower. It does fine but after looking around it appears 20hp is a bit much for a 3.3 blower. I looked at the pulley sizes this morning. They are both 8 inches in diameter. Does that mean when I am turning the...
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    ounces of oil vertical 3.3 blower

    How many ounces of oil for a 3.3 roots urai blower mounted vertically? I read 8.5 ounce capacity on a retailers listing for a 3.3 blower. It said 16 for a 3.3 mounted horizonally.
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    Blower Oil recommendations

    I have a Roots URAI 3.3 blower. I have been researching about blower oil. A lot of guys say only synthetic. I have run non detergent non synthetic 40wt oil in a 5.6 blower for 10 years. I want to treat this 3.3 right. I was looking at Aeon PD. Should I upgrade to the Aeon pd or stick with the...
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    Cat pump plumbing

    I have a truck mount that I purchased. I am uncertain of the manufacturer of the unit. Its a 20hp kohler, 290 Cat pump hose fed, 3.3 blower. It was set up with a Little Giant heater. I have since hooked up a John's custom exhaust heat exchanger. The way the Cat pump is plumbed is with a...
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    What brand Heat Exchanger is this?

    I am trying to get my first truckmount up and running. I am on part heat exchanger of the puzzle. I was given this heat exchanger by a fellow local cleaner. I think he said it was from a guy in Tampa FL. It is copper and it does have a leak somewhere. Where would I have this repaired? Is this...
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    Pump outs and customer reactions

    I am trying to make a plan for my future disposal of my daily waste water. I plan on running my business out of my home. I have a septic system at my home. I don't really want to be dumping in to my septic tank or on the street. The options being a car wash, RV dump site, or a pump out to the...