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  1. Paradise305

    Cranberry Juice on wool rug

    Picked up this rug yesterday after a customer spilled cranberry juice on it. I started by extracting with a wand and then applied stain magic for wool on the spot. Let dwell for 15 minutes then hit it with the wallpaper steamer with a wet rag for a few seconds. The stain started to fade but...
  2. Paradise305

    Dog vomit stain on white nylon carpet

    Hey everyone. I attempted to clean these dog vomit stains. a nice neon green color with hints of blue mixed in. I read most of the threads involving vomit stains before I went to this job. This carpet is Stanton Style: Oxford street Color: Iced Mint. It claims it is a 100% STAINSAFE NYLON 6 but...
  3. Paradise305

    Swimming in the pool today

    Got this wool rug swimming in urine pretreatment. What is your process when it comes to cleaning a wool rug that has urine all over it? Do you guys usually use a deodorant or do you keep cleaning with urine pre treatment till the smell is gone?
  4. Paradise305

    Linen rug drying stiff

    I’m kind of stuck at the moment. This linen rug had urine in it and dark traffic areas which we got 95% of (The picture attached is a before). I had problems with the rug yellowing along with parts of the serging which took a few times to correct using an acid rinse and speed drying. Now the...
  5. Paradise305

    White chair skirt browned

    Hey Everyone I was out cleaning carpet at a customers house the other day. There was a white chair sitting in the Master bedroom and we must have cleaned to close to the chair because the skirt of the chair browned where the wet carpet was touching. It must have wicked up the fabric. Initially...
  6. Paradise305

    Wand is a little bent out of shape

    One of our technicians managed to bend this wand...I don’t know if he ran it over or if the dehumidifiers weren’t strapped down in the box truck and crushed the wand. Is it worth trying to fix or should I buy a new one? How should I go about fixing it?
  7. Paradise305

    How do you guys list your measurements on housecall pro?

    I’ve been writing out the measurements of each room on a piece of paper and then adding up the sf then putting the sf of each room into housecall pro. Is that how every one else is doing it? Is there a faster way?
  8. Paradise305

    Do you guys take pictures of the rugs you clean?

    Does anybody take pictures of customers rugs before cleaning to point out defects? Do you have a camera mounted to a wall or ceiling or do you just use your phone? I'm looking at the best way to start documenting and taking pictures of all the rugs we take in.
  9. Paradise305

    Water marks on Sisal area rug

    Picked up this sisal area rug from a water damage that happened in a mechanical room. Something from the air conditioning was leaking and it got the rug. Already tried dry cleaning with a CRB. Any ideas?
  10. Paradise305

    Phoenix 200 max condensate pump

    Anybody familiar with changing the pump? I’m having trouble wiring this up. Does this look correct? When I go to press the purge switch its not working.
  11. Paradise305

    Hose cuff keeps falling off vacuum hose

    What do you guys use to keep your cuffs on? Every time I try to thread it back onto the hose it keeps pulling off. I tried silicone sealant but it didn't hold. Any Ideas?
  12. Paradise305

    What do you use to secure rugs from falling on a rug drying rack?

    Currently using metal spring clamps with vinyl tips and they are leaving indents on the rugs. Anybody have a better solution?
  13. Paradise305

    How to remove brown stain from viscose rug?

    How should I go about removing this brown stain from this 100% viscose rug?
  14. Paradise305

    Does anybody use tablets for invoicing on a residential carpet cleaning job?

    looking for a more efficient way then pen and paper. I was wondering if theres some type of software for tablets made for Carpet cleaners.