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    their web site pic showing lines of equipment and having to wait a long time for another vibe. I just ordered a Mytee Echo 17 Pro should have in 2 weeks
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    Vibe brush head

    I have not used yet it said for tile&grout has anyone used it for aggitation on carpet? Or 100% encapping thanks
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    what is your #1 tool for low moisture cleaning stairs

    Just fried my oreck orbit cleaning a stair way in a nursing home.Thinking of getting a 10 in. brush pro for my next stair cleaning tool?
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    Edic Toro HD orbital

    Any one have any info good or bad thanks
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    vibe carpet brush works

    using red malish driver brush head on vibe works great driving vibe carpet brush.
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    Vibe carpet brush

    Has any one used the carpet brush any feed back good or bad thanks Pete Breen on the vibe
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    spray borg bearing

    New bearing last year just started knocking loud doing office building i finished the job just glad the office was closed. Went back to shop installed the malish driver to the vibe and what a great difference . Warranty BS the red malish is the ticket running all pads and able to scrub the...
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    malish pad driver

    George 8585 do you remember the guy that sold us the red malish pad driver Looking for one for the vibe thank you I think he was from Indiana
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    vibe pad driver

    Has any one installed a red malish pad driver to their vibe. I added one to my orbot and to me made a huge difference in the cleaning.Opens up more choices for different pads and the malish driver srubs the pads deeper into the carpets.
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    VLM shines

    Back when i was 100% truckmounted carpet&upholstery cleaning i dreaded this time of year due to the fridged temps. Alot of loss work from not wanting to buy pumps due to working in freezing temps Ive bought a few over the years. Today pad capping has changed all the negative and very...
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    happy new year

    I hope every one has a fantastic new year
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    remove machine ID

    Just a reminder keep your cleaning solutions in the truck or have your own ID on them if they are brought into work area.Inhouse maintenance are watching and asking the questions where do you get equipment whats that cleaner you are using. When i started my biz. all the GU-RU"S were telling...
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    Looking for a I P S spray gun

    Who sells them????????
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    solution tank on vibe

    Today the first large commercial job using our new vibe. Only real problem with large sq. ft. cleaning, you have to stop and open the tank lid to see solution amount i kept running out of cleaning solution. Maybe a see thru tank would really help.
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    Finally arrived to day. This is the time of year we are busy with commercial accounts now the spray borg has a brother.
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    New Marketing

    The next time a customer calls for a service, Just tell them to book their job now and they are served by phone call order.If they hang up on you ,you dont want them as a customer anyway.
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    vibe arrival

    Allen do you have your hands on one yet.
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    Just got off the phone i should have it delivered by the 24th. I would have liked to see it at Ice but feel it will fill my residential pad cap market. He assured me there were no short cuts taken in the build. Peter Breen
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    I will wait one more week for sprayborg repair parts seeing how they come from Califonia. I am looking at their Vibe but Johns liberty is looking real good. Peter Breen
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    just talked to orbot in Cal. the Vibe will appear at Ice peterbreen
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    Looks to be a fantastic deal hoping to see it at Ice
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    ICE Expo 2017...Who's coming?

    any one here going to Ice Peter Breen